Anyone make Christian artwork?

I’m very interested in drawing a scene from the Bible, or perhaps just a “random” drawing of Jesus now that I’m not so horrible at drawing, but don’t know where to start. Does anyone here draw for fun, or even professionally? Or create any kind of religious artwork (painting, sculpture, etc.)? I’d like to know where you all get your inspiration (and how you design your piece without simply looking at something and drawing/painting it).

At this point, I’m mostly limited to drawing what I can see. Any advice? I’d like to make a great piece for my class (I’m taking a drawing course) or to donate to my parish, if they have any use for it.

I get a lot of inspiration from artwork shared on Pinterest. And then I spin off ideas from there. It keeps the reference all organized too.

I would choose something loose and try to copy it without worrying how it’s going to end up, just focus on getting the gestural lines to help you loosen up.

Shameless plug for my buddy in Cincinnati here- he is a professional, but he has taught lessons before-

No but I am very interested in learning how to paint and would like painting Christian Art. I enjoy looking through some old Christian art books and love to look at the Christian Art in the museums.

I would suggest that you get a lot of practice in drawing. Start by trying to ‘copy’ the masters. You need to ‘work’ your way through all the medias-pencil, ink, oils, acrylics and so on. I happen to like sepia drawings. You can make your own sepia by boiling down tea bags or coffee grounds. Lots cheaper. Most art supplies are slightly expensive. You can make your own paper to practice on by using the bac or good side of paper bags. You can use boards or cardboard to paint on or just experiment on. I once used wadded up, paint soaked toilet paper…wasn’t bad 'caus it had texture. Basically what I am saying is to get to know your mediums fairly well before you consider offerings to friends or church. I once gave a 'painting to a friend. She hid it. I think it made it’s way out the door to the trash. I thought at the time it was wonderful, but as I thought it later…yes, it was that bad!
So I encourage you to keep on doing what you are doing, practice and progress. BTW. I had a lot of art classes in HS, college and private lessons. There is always room to learn more!


Hi Mary! That’s a lot of wonderful advice thank you that was so nice of you!

I like those ideas and will check on local art classes. I am inspired to get started! I feel like I have artistic ability that I’ve never really tapped into very deeply. Thank you again for your kindness! Jesus lives!

I’m a watercolor painter as well as teacher. I don’t do a lot of religious art except for my Christmas cards. I find religious art really hard to do. It’s hard not to make it heavy handed or artificially sweet. Here’s my Christmas card from last year. It’s of the Advent wreath at the Benedictine convent. It’s a bittersweet card. They left town last January.


Your friend is very talented! He has a great way with light. Please convey my compliments to him. May God continue to inspire his work.

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Thanks; I will!

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