anyone out there conquer insomnia?

I got it. SOS

Conquered it :thumbsup:

I stopped taking caffeine and this made a world of difference. Exercising a few times a week helped. Not spending time on the internet in the evening was also important, because it allowed me to relax and quiet my mind. Praying the rosary in the evening was also helpful.

You possibly have already done some research, but I did ‘google’ “overcoming insomnia”
(One can only speculate that there may be some little clue in any of the sites that may possible help you to overcome insomnia.)
I’m not personally in favor of the medication remedies that are mentioned but do prefer natural remedies, which also can be ‘googled’, with discretion in operation, but for myself, a heated mug of skim milk.
Just a couple of the results:

I haven’t conquered it, but it is not as bad as it use to be

1-) Try to stick to a routine. Do not try to fall asleep at 9 and then the next night stay up until midnight

2-) 1 hour before bed, do not watch TV or use the internet. The light from those keep you awaked

3-) Camamil (sp?) tea. However, make sure you drink it early enough you will not be getting up to use the washroom.

4-) My bedroom tends to get stuffy. In summer, open a window and let fresh air in before bedtime.

5-) The best mattress you can afford

6-) Brush teeth, remove makeup and wash face at least 2 hours before bed since the water tends to wake you up.

7-) As you lay there trying to sleep, pray to God. I tend to ask him to hold my problem, or show me the way or even make me fall asleep.


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I did. My insomnia was being caused by a combination of blood glucose spikes and hypoxemia.

Insomnia can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition (like mine was). If your sleep hygeine is good and you’re still not sleeping well, see your doctor.

The Internist worked with my poor sister who struggled with insomnia for over a year, most likely do to her Menierés Disease of the inner ear. She finally prescribed medical marijuana. My sissy has been sleeping all night for two weeks now! California has legal medical marijuana, I am not sure if your state has this option.:wink:

Yuk! God bless you. I have a long history of sleep problems. I just got fitted for a CPAP machine and slept with it for the first week this past week. It is a little weird, but I think I’m sleeping better.

I don’t think I’ll ever completely get over my sleep troubles. I’ve gotten used to them though. I think other folks with sleep troubles understand as few others can why the phrase “rest in peace” is so comforting. One of my jokes is that a good night’s sleep is something I dream about when I take a nap.

Good luck and God bless.


The Rosary. I’m usually out before the 3rd decade.
I’m not kidding or trying to make light of your situation.
It works. Plus all the other things people have said. No “mind-intensive” activity before lying down, a bit of fresh air, reading a small passage from the Bible. Get in your sleepwear a hour ahead of time. Convince your mind that you’re winding down in all of these ways. Then your body will also relax.
God bless.

Are you consuming caffeine during the day? If so, either move any caffeine consumption to the morning or preferably cut it out completely. Also, do not nap during the day.

Now, there are a bunch of things that can cause insomnia besides that. Depression can cause insomnia, and insomnia can cause depression. It’s important to get the sleep issue under control.

How’s the noise and light situation? Even a small computer light can keep a person up. If light’s a problem, one can get one of those masks.

Are you getting physically tired during the day? Usually when one is physically tired, he sleeps better, but it’s not recommended doing exercise just before bed.

Websites recommend having a routine, going to bed at the same time every night and not doing TV watching and all in bed, to associate bed with sleep.

Before bed, it’s suggested to have a winding down, quiet time.

Stress and worries can make it harder to sleep, of course.

Natural sleep aids are camomile tea and Valerian root which comes in capsule form.

Certain physiological conditions can also cause insomnia from sleep apnea (where one has trouble breathing time and again, causing a person to wake up many times, not get a restful sleep), to overactive thyroid, etc. For a partial list of physical conditions, see below:

I lived in a city that had a hospital with a sleep clinic for tough cases of sleep disorders.

If you want to try medication, there are over-the-counter sleep aids. For tougher cases, there are prescription sleep aids.

If it persists, might want to mention this to your doctor.

I used to wake up thinking too much, or from intrusive noises. This was a particular problem when I was trying to get to sleep and about two hours before I was supposed to wake up.

An book on tape from an MP3 player helped tremendously with that issue. You won’t want a recorded book that plays music or some other jarring sound at the end of the sections, though. FairStars offers a good CD “ripper” on the internet for free that allows you to take books on CD and convert them to MP3. It is “fair use” to burn a library book to your MP3 player for as long as you have the book on CD checked out. If you delete it when you take the book back, you’re on fair ground.

This also allows you to listen to soothing music or a taped version of the Rosary. You can even find a Catholic version of the Bible as a free MP3 download. If the audio is so loud that your spouse can hear it, however, you have the ear buds turned up too high. (So I was told by an audiologist.)

Conquered it too. Here’s how I do it.

  1. Take up some physical activity that tires you out during the day. I know they always say to take up exercise for practically everything but it really does work in letting you rest later on. Don’t train 3 hours before bedtime though you won’t be able to sleep.

  2. I avoid bedtime snacks in general unless I haven’t eaten much during the day. Some light buttered toast with ham and light cheese usually send sme to bed with a full but not overloaded stomach; it helps that toast is light and digests fast.

  3. I shower and wash right before going to be. I spend some time doing something and then I nod off fresh as a daisy. Showering before bed helps me relax a lot.

  4. Drink some hot milk or tea before bed and try to keep your feet warm. Warm feet make sleep more relaxing.

  5. Always fix a consistent time and consistent hours of sleep. I usually sleep at 11:30pm and wake up at 6:30. People say to set your time back a half hour or so from when you usually sleep but it didn’t work for me. I just got into bed one night, stayed lying there no matter what happened until I got to sleeping normally again.

  6. Take a deep breath with the intention of doing nothing but beingpeaceful, in your happy place. Sleep isn’t the time to ponder about your problems, just rest.

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