Anyone out there play Sims 3?

Greetings Catholic Answers Forum,

Are there any Sims 3 players out there?

If so, have you got any of the other expansion packs for the game? Which expansions do you like?

I notice they had a Medieval Sims as well, is this compatible with Sims 3 or is it it’s own game?


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Hello friend. I have Sims 3 (no expansions yet, though pets comes out fairly soon) and I own Sims Medieval. Sims Medieval is its own game and plays out VASTLY different from Sims 3 as there is a story element to it. In a sense it is like an rpg though very loosely. I absolutely love it. They even have religion in the game (though I feel it may be a cheap shot at Catholicism) as they have Jacoban and Peteran Priests. Jacobans have a large Cathedral whereas Peterans have a small unassuming monastery. Jacobans preach with fire whereas Peterans preach with conformity and love? It’s a confusing element. Though naturally I made myself a Jacoban Priest as it (in my mind) imitated Catholicism and set about evangelizing the population. The game itself is a lot of fun and if you have the money and the time, I would suggest picking it up (especially as it may go down in price). If you don’t already have one, I strongly suggest getting a steam account (its free). They have incredible deals from time to time (I got a two year old game that is normally $20.00 on steam, keeping in mind that it is still $39.99 in stores, yet got it on sale for $2.00) Talk about savings lol Anyways, hope that helps. Any more questions about the game, feel free to PM me.

I LOVE the sims! Sadly, I don’t have any expansions for Sims 3 yet. Poor college student and all that. :frowning:

I have almost all the sims games. I’m missing only one expansion for the original and I never got Medieval. As one might guess from that, I love the Sims. At the moment, I love the Generations expansion pack. I also liked the Ambitions one, just because of the new professions. And I’m very excited for the Pets expansion - there’ll be horses! How cool is that?!

I own the Sims Medieval and I’ve played a bit of the Sims 3. Medieval has more of a story component to it. If you like building your own houses from scratch, stick with one of the main games, because Medieval doesn’t let you build things (you can decorate, however). Medieval is more story-focused and character-driven. You might end up focusing on one family in Sims 3, but Medieval only lets you control your Hero sims (Monarch, Knight, Spy, Priest, Bard, etc.).

As for the Jacoban/Peteran thing, I saw them as thinly disguised equivalents to the Dominicans and Franciscans respectively. My first priest character actually died from praying too much! I told him to stop repeatedly, but he ended up dying (after an epic battle with the pit monster). It’s the Sims, though, so it’s not like it’s an accurate portrayal of Medieval life.

Greetings Lokabrenna,

That’s pretty funny about your priest. Does Medieval have the option of turning off free will like Sims 3? I enjoy playing with no free will and no ageing.

I notice in Sims3 that you can age up people if you throw a birthday party for them and use the cake, can you do this in the option if you do not allow ageing?

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Greetings Whitacre_Girl,

I just got Sims 3 last week. The expansion packs are going to take some time to acquire. I can hardly wait until pets comes out. I think I may get that.

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Greetings BigFellaMick,

Thank you for your kind offer. I shall certainly bear this in mind. I probably will have some questions to ask.

Does it cost anything to be a member of steam? What games can you get from there?

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That’s another thing I forgot to mention: Sims don’t age in Sims Medieval (but you can make them any age that you want). Your Hero sims have tasks that they need to complete each day (a bard needs to compose music, write plays, perform on stage etc.) but they also have needs according to their personality traits. As an example, I picked the flaw “Licentious” for my bard, so if he doesn’t kiss or WooHoo someone in a while the game gives him the “Dry Spell” penalty. In addition to needs and the little tasks I mentioned, there are Quests which also need to be attended to or the guards will come and arrest your sim. It’s way more scripted than the other games, but there’s still room for sims to be random and stuff. For some reason my Knight keeps losing EVERY fight he enters. It doesn’t matter if it’s the queen or the milkmaid, he loses every time!

I just checked EA’s store, and Medieval is on for $17.99 right now. This link should take you to it:

I’m not sure if that link’s only for the download or if you can get a physical copy. (I prefer physical copies myself) but it’s a good price for it, IMO.

Here’s a link for the Special Edition with some bonus outfits and throne room decor:

Apparently there’s also an expansion pack that’s out, Pirates and Nobles:

I usually wait for a price drop on expansions, but I suppose some people really want that extra content.

As I said, I don’t have the Sims 3, but if I did, that pets expansion looks like a lot of fun! It would be nice if they made a pets expansion for Medieval. My Knight needs a white horse!

Greetings Lockabrenna,

Thank you for the links and the descriptions. I too perfer a physcial copy of the game as well. I am going to wait for the price drop on the expansion myself for the pets expansion.

I may look into the Medieval game. It does sound interesting. Thank you for your informative post. Ahhh the famous Woo Hoo interaction.

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Greetings to those of you reading this thread,

Any cheat codes you guys are using for Sims 3? I use the “Motherlode” code. Are there any others?

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yes, I do, even though I have not played my families in a few weeks.

One family has 6 kids, including triplet girls. :wink:

I have Ambitions and Generations for expansions. I LOVE finally having BUNK BEDS! My sims families tend to be LARGE…lots of children…so those bunk beds were an answered prayer…I have been asking for them since SIMS 2!

As for the cheat codes…I use the money cheats and the testincheatsenabled true to click on the mail box and keep my needs from going into the red, especially when Mama Sim is pregnant.

I don’t know if I’ll get Pets EP that’s due soon…I hated the strays in Sims 2…they were always digging in my yard…and making a mess. I hope they come out with a Seasons type EP…I loved Seasons in Sims 2 and it, along with Open for Business, are two of my favorites.

Greetings to All Sims3 players,

I usually put all my inventory in the fridge, but it is a pain in the neck to get it out again, becuase I either got to get all of the item out or withdraw one by one. Is there another way to specify how much I want to get out of the fridge at one time?

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Greetings Sims3 players,

I am wanting to get the expansion packs but am unsure of which to get first. Can anyone out there tell me what perks come with what expansion packs?

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I’ve found it best to just go in order. Otherwise it can make it difficult if you have a later expansion but then want to add an earlier one, as well as with the updates.

Greetings PerfectTiming,

So that would be Late Night, I get confused with the ordering. I guess I could go and look it up on the website when I find time to get out of Catholic Answers Forum.

Thanks for this feedback.

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The order for expansion packs is:
World Adventures
Late Night

And the order for the stuff packs (no new gameplay, just new clothes and objects) is:
High-End Loft
Fast Lane
Outdoor Living
Town Life

The order of the stuff packs means they go between each expansion pack.

Greetings PerfectTiming,

I see some serious kaching going to EA in the near future. I shall get World Adventures then. I have had the normal game for almost a month now and I am a bit bored with it. Time for a new expansion pack.

My appreciation in you taking the time out to list these things for me.

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I have been thinking about getting Sims 3 sometime in the future. (probably when it comes out with a delux/double delux) How would you compare it to Sims 2 game play, fun stuff, expansions and etc? (I really liked the free time and seasons expansions in sims 2).

I have Sims medieval and look forward to getting the expansion, pirates and nobles. After playing though one town it can get a little repetitive, but it depends on if you are a power quester or like to take you time with your sims. Usually I power through my quests, but in this one town I have this bard who had 4 children during one quest. (It took a long time to finish that quest :p). I also like finding the new quests as you complete other quests or the watcher levels. I also like to experiment with the different personalities and fatal flaws with each profession. I have developed some professions which I prefer to play over others. May least favorite are the merchant and the priests I think. The others tend to be fun and easy to complete their daily tasks. (The priests are generally not difficult, unless they are in terrible moods, I just don’t find it as fun). Maybe I need to loosen up a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetings Jilly4ski,

Well it does play differently from Sims2. I liked the University expansion pack with Sims2. I know in Sims2 you could get stuff out of the fridge by specifying how much you wanted out at a time, in Sims3, you either gotta take it out one by one or take em all out. I have not figured out how to resolve this issue.

You don’t have the ressurect features but you can eat ambrosia and live forever or give the Grim Reaper a death flower thus keeping you from dying.

It already has a deluxe I think. You can get it with Pets as well.

I want to get the Medieval Sims as well. I would probably be killing my priests off accidentally. Does that game have any cheat codes? I want to know before I buy.

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