Anyone physically come in contact with something they could not explain?

Has anyone ever come in contact with something miraculous you could not explain?

For example in 1992 in Conyers Georgia at the Nancy Fowler farmhouse, myself and my parents smelled the strongest scent of roses, while standing in the middle of a rainstorm. My dad to this day still wants an explanation but I tell him that it was indeed something miraculous to experience. My aunt also had a rough illness and one night while praying to Mary to intercede, she claims to have heard a voice reply and say “youll be cured.”
Within a month her illness vanished.

Anyone have a sexy?

A sexy? :hmmm:

When I was 6 or 7 we were on vacation. We were driving in the mountains. As we were going around an outside curve the wheels on the passenger side of the car went of the side and suspended in air. At one point the car was suspended almost the the center console. Then our car moved back onto the road. My Mom always said that angels where holding our car and put it back on the road.

I was building a machine, part of which included a rectangular shaped frame made out of bars of extruded aluminum. While assembling this frame, the top piece was too long and extended over the edge by about 2 inches.

I measured every single piece and they were all the right size. The top was identical in length to the bottom. The sides were identical in length to each other .

Every corner was at a perfect 90 degrees. I measured these repeatedly, then called in someone else to try measuring, who had the same results.

I wrote down every measurement as I did them, then did them again, both for length of the pieces and the angles of each joint. They were all the same and should just work. We were both completely baffled. Said a quick prayer, jolted it a bit and it made a ker-chink sound and dropped right into place perfectly. Measured every piece and every angle again and they were exactly the same as before.

I’ve had a few experiences that I feel were miraculous. But the one I’m surest of is this one. When I was 8 years old, my dad was dying of cancer. We had traveled to the Scripps Clinic in San Diego CA for him to get treatment. My mom and I were staying in a hotel. My mom and my dad were visiting at on the poolside tables - the kind with the umbrella on them- and I was playing in the pool. We were the only ones out there- probably by CA standards it was cold, but we were from Alaska and was warm for us. My parents were engrossed in conversation, and as I played in the pool I was working my way around the edge of the pool. I couldn’t swim, and so I was hanging on to the side of the pool. I was in the deep end, which was only probably 6’ deep but well over my head at the time, when I slipped off the edge into the water. I was trying frantically to get back to the surface, but I couldn’t. I saw an arm shoot down into the water and pull be back to the edge. I was coughing, trying to get the water out of my eyes. When I was able to see again, no one was there. My parents remained engrossed in conversation. They had never seen me go under. My dad died not too long after that, and I remain convinced that God saved me because he knew my mom could not handle losing us both.

Strange you mention roses, I remember years ago when I was a teenager, my grandparents suddenly found a rose bush in their landscaping in front of house, it was a medium sized bush, red roses, they had no idea who could have planted it, they asked everyone they knew, (including me). no luck…??

This was strange, because it was right in front of the house in a very prominent spot, its like someone came in the middle of the night and planted it and left, but there was no signs of it being transplanted either, it looked like it had been there for a long time…it was a real mystery back then.

My grandparents were very devout catholics.

Beautiful story!!
I struggled with infertility for a few years and one day my sister in law told me I was going to get pregnant in February and I would find out in March. Very specific because she told me in December. Sure enough I got pregnant in February! Valentines day to be exact lol. She claims a woman told her in a dream. I thibk it may have either been the virgin Mary, or St. Philomena, who was the saint I prayed to nearly everyday for a baby. !!

And I had to laugh at the “sexy” part at the end!


Yes, a few interesting things…

But what is a sexy?


It was supposed to be the word “story”.

I’m not sure how to edit it to change it. I may also mention I hate autocorrect for Galaxy 7 phones. :o

I once met who I believe was the ghost of my great-great grandfather. Does that count?

I have had several experiences in my life where at the time were unexplainable and could not have been anything except intervention by my guardian angel and God directly and immediately answering prayer. I have been admonished that these are private revelations but true and faithful Christians and Catholics do not admonish me and encourage me to share and treasures these experiences.

I was saved from drowning also, at the time I had saved my younger sister who had walked into a dropoff in a lake. I had gone under her to push her towards the shallow end. It had expended my energy and air as I had breathed in water. My eyes opened under water and it was unusually bright and somehow I just surfaced. The brightness continued and my sister was on her way out of the lake and no one around us had noticed our struggle. I sat on the sand for awhile trying to recollect knowing I came close to drowning, or had I? I was a teen.

Everytime my guardian angel has interceded, it seems no one around notices, they are facing away, too busy with the world for spiritual interventions :shrug:

Yep. Every time I go to Holy Mass and see the consecrated Host lifted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! I was thinking a new slang word had entered the lexicon that I wasn’t aware of yet. :slight_smile:

This happens to people all the time. :slight_smile:

Wonderful stories so far.

When I was pregnant with our second child, I was unable to feel any movement while doing my daily “kick counts”. Her due date was only a couple of days away and she had been rather active up until that point.

I decided to drive myself to the hospital while my husband stayed behind with our two year old who had been sick. When I arrived, a nurse was assessing my situation and next to her was a beautiful woman with brown wavy hair in a nurse’s uniform. Somehow I knew her name was Kelly.

I needed an emergency c-section because the monitor showed that my baby was not responsive. Every room I was in nurse Kelly was sitting next to me. I wondered why I was receiving such personalized attention even though she never said a word.

There were two knots in the umbilical cord and they were tied tight. The baby was taken to the NICU and we were told that if she survived, she would be a vegetable. I named her Kelly after the sweet nurse that had been such a comfort to me.

Our daughter was fine. She came home after nine days healthy and pink.

Two years later I had our third child at the same hospital. The same OR nurse, Pat, was with me for the third time for my third c-section in four years. I asked her about nurse Kelly.

She told me there was not a nurse Kelly working there as long as she had been there.

Today, it seems like a dream and it seems so hard to believe. However, I have a lovely 20 year old daughter named Kelly to remind me that something happened many years ago. I remember what nurse Kelly looked like and I remember her sitting next to me in a chair for several days. I found out later that nobody else saw her,

That one gave me chills. :slight_smile:

I would venture to say this kind of thing happens ALOT more than we think, and probably in situations we would never expect.

Although I still wonder why it must be secretive and mysterious, what would be the harm of ‘kelly’ just telling you she was an angel sent by God to be with you during this time? and/or those 100 other similar accounts from people who get a helping hand, or saved from a fire, etc only to have no one there to thank, and no one else seeing the person, again, what would so wrong about it being known angels are doing this and everyone to see them as they are? Imo, that would be a good thing, draw more people to God.

It would indeed draw more people to God but that’s not how He works. Nobody would have faith if they had proof instead. Apparently, faith is way more important to God than proof. And God doesn’t seem to want to give us more than we need to know.

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