Anyone playing Diablo III?

I just dinged level 40 on my wizard. It’s a very dark game, but I like it because the whole premise is fighting evil in all its ugliness. Plus its cathartic to have a drink and kill some virtual monsters on the weekend.


So - anyone else on Diablo III? If not, what do you play?

Nope, I play RIFT, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on DIII, especially how you’d compare it with DII :slight_smile:

I am so with you on this part! :slight_smile:


Wife and I are just about to finish act III in normal mode.
We’ve been going pretty slow, but having so much fun playing together.
Barbarian and Wizard team has worked pretty well so far :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting to play Dante’s inferno for a while now. You go through Limbo, and the circles of hell, each circle of hell has a boss. The boss of limbo is King Minos, the boss of Lust is queen Cleopatra, and I can’t remember the rest.

i like skyrim the newest elder scrolls game. Its a rpg and lets me do practically anything. I have a few accounts on two different computers ones a mage another is a warrior.

Since I can’t find Diablo III nor Luna Online in the net cafes here where I live, I go for Cabal Online. :thumbsup:

Same here my current character is a dark elf my first one was an argonian.

I can’t afford it… not the game mind you.

I’m talking about the bank-breaking set of hardware that I need just to play it (and a few other games too).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sulk about this for a few minutes. T_T

Sulking about it will never give you that game nor the hardware needed for it.

Hey, cut me some slack. Bottling up one’s emotions all the time takes its toll on the container.

Besides, just had a really bad day today.

cuts you some slack

I played Rift for a bit last year, and I liked that, too. I never played DII, so I can’t compare that one. However, I played WoW for a few years before trying Rift and now DIII. What I like in Rift is that there’s always something going on - a world event or a rift that needs closing, so it’s not just all quest, quest, dungeon, quest (although there is that, too). What makes me nervous about DIII is that the way you run around, you can’t see very far from your character in any direction, so you are basically forced to run headlong into whatever is just beyond your vision (whereas in WoW and Rift you can change your vantage point so you have fewer surprises about what you’re running into). As a squishy caster (wizard), this makes me very nervous, but thankfully I have a temporary immunity spell, as well as AoE freezes and slows. Lots of damage helps, too.

One thing I like about DIII as compared to Rift and WoW is the relative simplicity of the action bar. Right click, left click, keys 1-4, and Q. That’s it. No mouse-over macros (staple for druid healing in WoW), no keybinding everything from Q - M (like I used to do with all my rogue abilities and potions for every conceivable situation). So although I do switch what’s on my action bars for trash pulls vs. boss, I like the limited number of buttons.

Awww that’s sweet. That’s what these games are great for - hanging out with people. My husband has a level 60 demon hunter, which came in handy when I had to kill Diablo, since I’m not sure how possible it would have been for me to solo him. I know they scale things so everything is theoretically solo-able, but certain fights are simply not friendly to certain classes.

I’m sorry to hear that. I hope your day gets better.

How very kind of you. :thumbsup:

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