Anyone read "The Glories of Divine Grace"?

Greeting brothers and sisters in Christ!

I just received a copy of the above book and it sounds like I’m in
for a great read. The author is Fr. Matthias J. Scheeben.

“Not only does grace surpass all natural things, it also surpasses all the miraculous works of God… Thus the work of grace is the greatest wonder of God’s omnipotence. It is even greater that His creation of the world out of nothing. It can be compared only with that unspeakable act of God the Father by which He begets from all eternity How own Son, equal to Himself, and in time unites Him with a human nature.”

That’s pretty amazing isn’t it!

Has anyone read this book? When we think of Sanctifying Grace, we often think of nothing more than whether we are in a state of grace or not. If we truly realized what Sanctifying Grace is, we would never sin again!

God bless,

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