Anyone read the Harbinger?

I would like to know if anyone (Catholic) has read this book, and whether it is worth a read. It gets great reviews, but I didn’t know if it is ok from Catholic perspective.

The author is Jonathan Cahn


Mark Shea had an article on it:

I’d recommend “Fatherless” “Motherless” and “Childless” series by Brian Gail to a Catholic instead.

For a great a scholarly eschatological read: “Trial Tribulation and Triumph: Before, During and After Antichrist”

Yes, and although I’m not quite done yet (one more chapter to go) this book is G-R-E-A-T. However, you have to keep reminding yourself that it is a NOVEL, not fact. But it is a great read and keeps you on your toes.

Just finished it and think it is GREAT. Says many things we’ve all thought. The connections he’s made with Isaiah’s prophecies and 9/11 are remarkable.

Bottom line we have to get right with God. We have to be more than we are. Fast, prayer, and showing the world we are Catholic would be a start.

Good afternoon everyone:

I have not read the “Harbinger” but it certainly sounds interesting. I have heard about
it and saw an interview with Jonathan Cahn on the internet.
I hesitate to read it until I get more information. I was wondering what the Catholic
Church’s view is.

Thank you,

Not read the book, but the author just did a 3 part interview with Prophesy in the News, which plays on TCC. Very interesting interview. Gives your brain alot to chew on.

I would like to read it. I have heard good things about it.

I have not read the book, but have seen ‘Rabbi’ Cahn’s video, which is timely.

I just found this:

VATICAN CITY, OCT 14, 1999 (ZENIT).- During his words in the Synod hall, Italian Franciscan Archbishop Giuseppe Bernardini of Smyrna, Turkey, who has lived in the Islamic world for 42 years, censured Muslims for their lack of reciprocity toward Christians’ efforts of dialogue. The Vatican Press Office published the text of his address yesterday, which explicitly denounces the Muslims’ irrational hostility toward Catholics.

Archbishop Bernardini quoted an "important Muslim figure who, during an Islamic-Christian meeting said: ‘Thanks to your democratic laws, we shall invade you; and thanks to our religious laws, we shall dominate you.’
Desmond Birch comments:

Approved Catholic Prophecy speaks of such an invasion for sometime in the future.

IMO, we need to pray, repent (as Our Lady has asked many times), and beg God’s Mercy on the world and not be distracted by blood moons, trees, etc.


One reviewer on called Birch’s book; Trial, Tribulation & Triumph: Before, During, and After Antichrist:
“The Catholic antidote to end-times fever”.

Birch, along with Colin Donovan, did a series on The Last Things for EWTN in 2004:

The Last Things Series

Very informative - please share!


I have just finished the book. It is very easy to read. Remember, “See Spot Run?” I was frustrated during the first half. The author’s correlations from Isaiah 9:10-11 regarding God’s judgement of Israel by the Assyrians compared to the tragedy of Sept. 11th, 2001 and the economic crash of 2008, though, are so interesting, I had to finish it.

This is no story for entertainment. The chapter on salvation near the end of the book is evangelical theologically. Aside from that, I found the prophetic correlations fascinating.

I found it amazing how obvious the signs are in our world right now, Its very strange so many people cannot see them for what they are, that I will never understand, but then again, God did say this would happen and people would be like this.

Or those folks that say all the signs and warnings were actually referring to events in biblical times…again, how do they explain the HUGE coincidence that almost the exact same thing is happening now? lol

If you really want to go deeper into all this, another member on here directed me towards “Exovaticana”…another amazing book imo, some of the things it proves without a doubt, are very shocking.

Thanks for the recommended book!

I have not read Harbinger, but after reading your post, I did read Is 9:10 and the sycamore tree… :eek:

but I may :slight_smile:

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