Anyone read "World Without End?"

I am reading “World Without End” for my book club and I have to say, while it’s interesting, it seems very anti-Catholic. I am not finished with the book though, it’s been a slow read for me plus I’ve been busy around the house lately with home repairs and such. But I am mostly finished and hope to complete the book by the time the next club meeting rolls around.

Anyway, when my book club meets, I would like to point out the book’s anti-Catholic bias. I think the fact that most of the religious characters are portrayed in a negative light is a good argument. But I also wonder about factual information. For example, to get a bridge built the local prior hands out indulgences for “future sins.” I didn’t think you could get indulgences for future sins, but I am also well aware that the book takes place at a time when indulgences were abused. There is a place in the book where a sister hears confession too.

I’ve found other factual errors in the book (not related to the Church) but I would like to point out these as well because I think it will strengthen my case. For example, the notion that 21 was the normal time to get married (they married younger in the Middle Ages I think). Or that an abortion at 3 months would be mistaken for a regular, but heavy cycle. Are there other factual errors I can bring up?

I hope to have the book finished by the end of the week, but I don’t mind “spoilers.” I kind of already know the basics of the plot/book anyway.


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