Anyone received Roses lately from St. Therese?


I have received Roses countless of times. I may not receive them as one may think like a bouquet of roses or an individual rose.

How have I received them then? My mom gave me a little brass ornament with a basket full of roses, I saw one pink rose in full bloom on our rose bush last month (our rose bushes don’t do too well where we live), while I was babysitting for my sister. My one year old niece and I went outside in the backyard I saw two red rosebuds and the very next day they were in full bloom.

I have also received many “roses” different ways

While reading “Story of a Soul-the autobiography of St. Therese” by FR. John Clarke, OCD I could smell roses.

At a pilgrimage Shrine I went to this year I found a Holy card of St. Therese and it was FREE. A rose.

The Discalced Carmelite Nuns have answered my emails by telling me that they are praying and supporting me. A rose.

Many people are praying and supporting me. A rose.

My Auntie is doing much better. A rose.

To CarmeliteGirl25/LilFransican25 what you have stated is a “rose” to me also. I’ll send you a PM to explain myself more accurately.

To the many people right here on CAF who have Prayed with and for me you are *all *a “rose” to me.

St. Therese Pray for us. Amen.

God bless,


Lil Flower Luv is one rose God has given to me.


I have received a rose in answer to a prayer, actually it was a rose petal from a rose blessed when the body of St Therese of the Little Flower was here in FL and a priest gave it to me after confession. It was about 10 years ago, also I asked the Blessed Virgin Mary for a Lily if the answer to my prayer was a yes. Then my daughter became pregnant and named her daughter Lillian. (She didn’t know about my request and I did not have any input in the name choice…but I thought & still think its a wonderful name). However, even with those two things…what I asked, prayed for did not come to be, but rather I was totally humilated, embarassed and disappointed. I still did continue to ask for roses if the answer from God was yes…but still pretty much end up with the same results…I get humilated, totally rejected, embarassed, heart broken and disappointed. One novena which was for my daughter I did get a rose and the petition was answered in a great way.

So I don’t know what to think…except that I should only ask for others. Which is good.


It’s been awhile back, but I received a rose, in a dream. It was a single rose bud… laid on a silvery half of a scallop shell (interestingly, the shell is a symbol of Baptism). The rose petals were reddish, tinged with a beautiful golden yellow color. I’ve never seen a rose like it, before.

You make a good point, about roses received from St. Therese. They may NOT always be in the form of an actual rose. It could be… a picture of a rose. Perhaps the scent of a rose. Or maybe roses that we will never know about, until we reach Heaven. Roses which were in the form of a spiritual bouquet.

God bless.


When I was in Marching Band, our patron was the Little Flower. I was going through a very painful knee injury. I was able to perform by taking medicine and wearing supports, but it was still very painful. I remember one festival, I prayed to St. Therese, and I performed the whole show without pain. It was so peaceful. And if I remember correctly, after the performance I found a little flower on the ground.

St. Therese is a special lady, and close to Jesus’s heart!

Pray for us!



I’ve received a very fragrant rose lately! I was praying about my vocation and was kind of confused about where I was called. I haven’t been fortunate enough to make visits to any orders recently because I’m out of work, so I have been praying for St. Therese to guide me to where God is calling me. I’ve been thinking and praying about it over and over. Most recently, I’ve heard her calling, “Carmel, Carmel…” and tugging on my heart to give Carmel another chance. I’ve seen her in my dreams, holding out a rose and smiling. :smiley: Also, in the same dream, she showed me what I would look like in the Carmelite habit and I looked SO happy!!! :smiley:

For those who don’t know my story, I was seriously discerning with the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus in Milwaukee, WI. I applied to enter them this year, and the Provincial Superior asked me to come and work in their girls’ home and she would offer me a way to pay off my debts so I could enter them sooner. Well, I got there, and knew almost immediately that it wasn’t my calling within 3 days. I was called to be more contemplative. I knew it because I loved every moment I spent with the Sisters in prayer in the chapel. It was very painful for me to leave my Sisters early, and I cried the whole time I was packing. But when I got home, things became clearer and I feel that God led me there to show me my true calling. :wink:


:bounce: I’m bumping up this great thread! I know the Little Flower passes out roses to all who ask her. Someone else has to have a story! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, CarmeliteGirl, for bumping up this thread so I could find it.

My best “rose story” was a few years ago (although I have been overwhelmed with the scent of roses a few times recently).

In 1991 I began to walk away from God in a most frightful way. My “walk” ended up with me rejecting Christianity and eventually even being a total atheist for a time. I mocked God, His Church, and those who followed Him. Needless to say, it was a dark time, full of hateful sins. This all came to an abrupt end in summer 2006, when I had a dream in which I was told to go to Mass and pray the Rosary. It was so unexpected, and so clear, and I had been feeling so lost, that I followed what I was told in the dream. That was my return to the Church.

But it was only a return to attending mass and praying the Rosary. In my heart I felt nothing. I envied the people who could say the prayers and believe them. I envied those who believed in the Resurrection and the teachings of the Church. My years away from the faith had left my soul quite damaged. (Incidentally, I did not go to confession for at least six months after I began my Catholic “practices.”)

OK, so here’s the rose part. After months and months of practicing the faith, I still felt nothing and felt I couldn’t believe what I couldn’t see. My senses and my intellect would not allow me to believe in God. My rejection of the gift of faith seemed to have made faith flee from my soul.

I said a prayer: “God, I know that I am not supposed to put you to the test, and I trust that you will understand my reasons for asking you this. Please, if you exist, send me a rose.” And I asked St. Therese, my patron saint, to intercede for me.

And then I waited.

A week or two later, in early February, I was suddenly handed a rose as I left an event I attended with a friend. I took the rose and said, “Thanks. I can’t remember the last time anyone gave me a rose – years…” And suddenly I remembered my request. My heart nearly stopped.

I meditated on the meaning of that rose many, many times. In that rose I saw that God Does Exist. And knowing He does exist, I next had to ask myself “What does He want? Which is the path to Him?”

Thank you, St. Therese, for your intercession.



wonderful stories! :smiley:

I’ve received roses from St Therese several times, I even told her I’d love to have a third-class relic of hers, and then a friend gave me one :slight_smile:

it all started when I was still converting to Catholicism and I was reading ‘Story of a Soul’… at that time, I wasn’t sure about intercession of Saints. I didn’t really believe they could hear me. But I quickly became devoted to St Therese after reading her story and also seeing the movie “Therese”… and one day, I really needed prayer, and so thought I’d try it out and said a novena to her. I didn’t really believe all the stories about her sending roses to people…but as I said, I really needed help, and was kind of desperate, lol.

I didn’t expect anything. But…when I said the novena anyway, RIGHT WHEN I said it, I looked up and saw a whole vase full of pink roses!! Right in front of me. I was really shocked. It turned out my mom put them there. When I asked her, she said, she just ‘felt like it’. :slight_smile: the funny thing is, I didn’t see the roses there before!

that’s how I began to believe in the intercession of Saints :slight_smile:

This sort of thing continued over the next few days. Right after saying the novena, I’d receive roses in the most interesting and obvious ways. For example, one time, before Mass, I looked up after saying the prayer and at that moment a little girl walked in front of me, and her dress was made of a fabric with lots of big red roses printed on it. Then, when I went for a dentist check up one day, I said the novena in the car… and when I came into the office and sat down, I turned and saw a kleenex box (!!!) with pictures of roses on it, and it said “la petite rose”. Well… St Therese is called “the little flower”, and she was French!!! lol… eventually this stopped happening cause I think God wanted me to rely on faith.

I’m so grateful to St Therese for her prayers, and I know they’ve helped me so much.

When I visit different churches and sometimes see her statues there, it really makes me glad, it’s like a reminder that she is with me, and I think she’s a really great friend to have.


I prayed to St. Therese one morning and later that day during dinner out with some family members my sister handed me rosaries her son had bought for me. I was so surprised he would get me anything, I don’t recall him giving me gifts in the past. She said these are from Tim and they are made from rose petals. Right then and there I knew my prayer was heard and would be answered yes. That was about a month ago. My prayer has not been answered yes yet, but I do believe it will be. I thank St. Therese each day for sending me roses in the form of rosaries. I have also been praying the rosary every day asking Our Lady for help. I know my prayer will be answered, I just have to be a little more patient. I will be seeing my nephew this weekend (he will be visiting his cousins, as we live in different states) and I plan to ask him why he bought them for me and why did he pick ones made out of rose petals. I am sure there were others to choose from.


Praised be to Jesus for all the heavenly roses that St. Therese has given us.
I forgot to mention I had a dream where a religious Brother gave me white roses, I’ve also been reading a lot of books lately, and the word rose is mentioned quite a bit.

I Pray that St. Therese sends a Rose not only to me but to other people who need a Rose as well (even if they don’t ask). Amen.

God bless,


She sent me hhe relics of her parents.:slight_smile:


I think St. Therese sent me a rose today. Now, I suffer from some sort of mental problem which makes me very frightened around funerals. I have panic attacks, and it scares me. A relitave of mine passed away, and I was having trouble. I needed help. So, I prayed to the Little Flower
I today was at school, flipping through my new planner. Now, they have different quotes from Scripture and saints in them. I open to a random page, and see this:
“Be not afraid to tell Jesus that you love Him…This is ther way to oblidge Him to help you and carry you like a little child, too feeble to walk”–St. Therese of the Child Jesus

I think St. Therese made me flip to that page because I needed to hear those words. I wrote it down, and put it on top of my desk. It makes me feel a little bit better every time I look at it.I think St. T sent this “little” thing to make me feel better. Thank you, dear!



I’m sorry I was mistaken when my mom gave me a brass ornament with a basketful of Roses. There is only two Roses in there. Sorry for the mistake.

St. Therese Pray for us. Amen.


Here is my rose story that I originally posted here:

I completed the St. Therese Novena on Friday and on Saturday I didn’t specifically receive a rose but out of nowhere I found a brand new St. Therese Rosary (I was not looking for any rosaries or roses or any “signs”, literally found them out of nowhere). They are made out of real red rose petals (as you can guess they smell of beautiful roses) on the rosary case is a picture of St. Therese as well.

Please continue to share your stories to inspire others. Thank you.


A Rose for my Fallen-Away Catholic Sister?

This happened three weeks ago when my eldest sister <–(who unfortunatley doesn’t consider herself Catholic anymore) and her three children (teenagers actually) were visiting Easter week(end).

Three weeks ago we basically had a blizzard. There was a pile of snow on her windshield so naturally she used her wipers but she forgot to scrape off the snow and it made her left wiper go way off. My dad fixed her wiper blade for her and she looked down and she saw a tiny picture of St. Therese (She usually keeps the tiny picture of St. Therese on the dash of her car) but this time it was on the outside of her car on her windshield.

How this picture of St. Therese got outside? Heaven only knows. :thumbsup:

  • When I first arrived at the Carmelite Monastery in Armstrong, B.C., Canada. Mother Claire, OCD gave my parents tiny black and white laminated pictures of St. Therese to be handed out…

Well, to be quite honest with my oldest sister has been going through a difficult time…Financially, Unemployment, and her daughter. :frowning:

Perhaps St. Therese is sending us a flower after all she did pray for the conversion of Henri Pranzini.

God bless,


On Good Friday, I went with my cousin and friend to the graveyard to pay respects to the deceased. We were walking among the tombs, and we passed one for this noted Irish poet which my teacher told us about. It made me so sad to see how the grave was kept up. It was crumbling down, and there were some rotten flowers there. I picked a little wildflower and put it on his grave and said a little prayer. I know it’s not a “rose” but I think St. Therese would have deffinately done something like that.





jeanne71350- Beautiful and touching story. Yes, I’m sure St. Therese appreciated it very much.

St. Therese loved nature, and often used the imagery of nature to explain how the Divine Presence is everywhere, and how everything is connected in God’s loving care and arms. Therese saw herself as “the Little Flower of Jesus” because she was just like the simple wild flowers in forests and fields, unnoticed by the greater population, yet growing and giving glory to God. Therese did not see herself as a brilliant rose or an elegant lily, by simply as a small wild flower. This is how she understood herself before the Lord - simple and hidden, but blooming where God had planted her.

God bless,


Hi there!
I got a rose from St. T! A real one too!

I’ve been really struggling with my vocation, and just with God’s plan in my life. Well, I go on vacation to New York City with my family, and we’re going through St. Patrick’s and the different altars…then I see her relic!!! I almost cried my eyes out. It was so beautiful. I just cried and thanked her and Jesus so much for giving me that. We went back later, and I just knelt before her relic and just asked her to please pray for me and help me to be what God wants me to be, and to help make Him happy like she did. Things have been going a lot better since.

Just thought I’d share.

I love you Little Flower!


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