Anyone saw the special on Second Life last night on the Oprah Winfrey Network?

Because i did,because i searched earlier and didn’t see any topics about it. Here is what i’m talking about.

Other site links to show that it’s a ok subject.

I’m on there and a red anthropomophic fox.

The number of lurkers of this thread unnerves me

The documentary has gotten very good reviews. Here is the movie’s website:

Many of the more prominent reviews are linked to:

I didn’t see the movie when it aired on Oprah Winfrey Network, but might make an effort to see it if I get a chance.

I saw it, I thought it was an interesting documentary. I hadn’t even intended to watch it but I was on the phone with a friend at the time and we both got drawn into it.

TY for the replies,one time i posted about Second Life and people insulted me and said all i do is level up and such and never got in trouble for insulting me. I mean it’s upside down,people who start stuff,like insulting someone should get in trouble,not the person who created the thread. I mean the logic is upside down.:confused: If anything the people who insulted me for it should be the ones who get into trouble.

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