Anyone see movie Gosnell yet?


It’s rated PG 13, stars Dean Cain, and was released on Friday the 13th (101st anniversary of the Fatima miracle).

It’s getting a good deal of publicity but is not playing NEAR me even though I’m in a highly populated area (South Orange County, Ca).

I mean to see it soon.

It’s historical. But don’t look up Dr. Gosnell if you don’t want the “spoiler” info.




Yes, you might want to check out the other thread about this movie.


Thanks for the link and the advice.

Movie is playing within a 40 minute drive from my home. But thats a lot. More drive time than movie.

Saw some TV commercials for it on One America News Network (OAN) which is on Direct TV but not all cable networks. … and some highly rated talk radio shows have reviewed it favorably.

It’s not marketed as a horror story … but it comes out during the Halloween season … and NOT being based on fiction … might be even scarier than concocted fiction tales.

IF anyone has seen it … please share.

Meanwhile I will hunt for the other thread. Just have my phone and finding stuff is harder than with my laptop. :wink:

:pray::latin_cross:️:thinking:. For the babies, born and unborn,

and the women

who lost their lives in this terrible scadal.


Never thought about the Halloween connection. They say the movie is more like CSI.


Friday was the 12th.

As to the movie, it’s not playing here in Morgantown, WV. Closest are a few theaters around Pittsburgh/Greensburg, PA … at least a 1 1/2 hour drive for me.


There aren’t many movie theatres around here anymore. So I doubt I’ll be seeing it.


Fullerton AMC and Brea Edwards Theater are showing the movie. Not in South Orange County but still in Orange County.


It’s playing in quite a few theaters around me, but it is the Philadelphia area, so it’s a local thing.


I’m familiar with the story and am very tempted to buy a ticket in support of the story getting out, even if I don’t go see it. It is showing at my local theatre in St. Louis.


I saw it. It was like a pro life episode of law and order



Ah yes. REAL Columbus Day.

October 12 was when cross bedecked ships landed in North America and the Captain called the landing spot San Salvador (Holy Savior).

Oct. 13 was as noted the Fatima Anniversary.

A notable weekend for history in any case.

And Gosnell is a history based movie.

Tortured segue … but that may be keeping with the theme of horror.

Nobody’s seen it yet though? Like the CSI analogy.


Thanks Chicken Pigeon.

Sounds vaguely positive per review.

Maybe its best they went at it that way.

I’m pro-life and would love to see abortion GONE … but don’t want to be ham handed and callous towards people whose error comes from a sympathetic place … error though it is.

Most people know someone who has either had, paid for, or callously recommended abortion as the secular wisdom of the day.

Many are bitterly regretting their past decision(s) and feel forever tainted by the mistake (notwithstanding that Christ can make all things new and is ready to forgive even serious sins like this).

A cavalcade of carnage works for horror movies sometimes (the genre is not one of my favorites) … but an appeal to everyone’s better angels, and a factual retelling of the sordid Gosnell killings and other misdeeds, is probably best overall.


The trailer had a reference to anti-Catholicism in it.

Was this a running theme in the movie or just an excerpt?

I think Gosnell’s clinic’s defending attorney was the one who played that card … but in the few seconds I saw of the trailer, I couldn’t tell for sure.

" an overly zealous Catholic investigator …" comment comes at 1:31 of this trailer.


Yes but of course there was no review of it in the Friday movie review section of the Philadelphia Inquirer Not even a mention of it.


At least 5 people have seen it and commented in the main thread, plus others have referenced many reviews. You seem to have a lot to say and it would be best said in the primary thread. Having two active threads on the exact same topic is detrimental.

It’s already been given in post #2, but here’s the direct link to the other thread (even on your phone, you should be able to access it):


I saw it and commented about it on the first thread. The first thread was not in Popular Media. Maybe they can be combined.


Do people still read the Inquirer?


The 13th was Saturday…


I would never pay for it. I was in the library on Friday and checked the weekend events and sports sections. Other than that it’s so predictable and biased and one sided that it’s only worth is bird cage liner.

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