Anyone seen the film 'Luther' from 2003?

Is it really biased? I don’t trust reformation films much, unless it’s the tudors. At least the Tudors seemed to make the Catholics seem Christian.

I tired to watch it but it was so boring I lost interest and played Game Boy instead. Ignoring the bias (which was there, but not as bad as you think) it’s just not a very good movie.

My husband showed me this film when we were dating. Bad movie, yes. However, if it’s the same movie I saw, it did show Luther kind of losing his mind. Pacing and talking to himself in a manic state. I don’t know. Whether it was or was not historically accurate, it didn’t convince me that the Catholic church is wrong (which is what I think my husband was hoping for).

Is this the film that shows Luther at the end in a horse-drawn wooden wagon with wooden wheels riding off into the sunset after having valiently vanquished that big bad old Catholic Church? Produced by Lutherans?

Here is a good review in regards to the accuracy of the movie:




The one with Joseph Fiennes? I really liked that movie! I have a degree in History and Religious studies, and I thought it was well done and did a good job portraying how it happened-- how Luther never really set out to cause a schism if you will, but truly to reform the Church and how it got kind of out of his control. It did show his scrupulosity (if I recall correctly) and how he was upset over how the Catholics ended up being persecuted in the zeal of his followers.

I do like a lot of boring movies and I can’t watch things that aren’t historically accurate unless it’s about a part of history I’m unfamiliar with. So maybe it’s not for everyone.
Not sure how I would feel about it now, however.

I second the Tudors having a fairly positive portrayal of Catholics.

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