Anyone suffer from migraines?


At first I thought I got migraines because of having been on ABC, but now that I am on NFP, I think they must be hereditary. My mom, sister, aunt and grandma get them, but maybe I got them more often when on the pill.

Anywho, I was wondering what people do to cope w/them. I have a prescription that I can only take when I stay home. The capsules make me feel like a walking zombie, or like a flying head…

I’ve been taking excedrine for migraines and sometimes that works, but not all the time. Sometimes I notice that after eating Chinese from certain restuarants, the food triggers a migraine. But the truth is, that is the only food that I’ve associated with the migraines. I have one right now… :frowning: I took the excedrin (I’m at work, my presciption’s at home, and I think I don’t even have any left). So, if I didn’t eat anything that could trigger them, I don’t know what else could. Maybe the weird weather we’re having here in California??

What do you guys take? What do you do to avoid getting them? How do you cope w/them when you have one? When at home I try cold cloths on my forehead, I turn the lights off, I avoid sounds and smells… Since I’m at work, I can’t do any of that…


Poor DH hates it when I have these because I get grumpy and he can’t do anything to help…


meeeee:wave: Ugh–they’re terrible when they come on.
But…I have not had one in a long time–probably pushing a year maybe? The secret that helped me was upping my exercise level to where I’m sweating a lot daily…eating less sugar/caffeine, and upping my protein. Plus, I take strong multivitamins, and sometimes, get massages–which help tremendously. If that doesn’t help (which it should)…I would ask your dr for Imitrex–I’m not a proponent of ‘drugs,’ but these things really help by shrinking and targeting the blood vessels of our brains. This is what prevents the migraine, not just treats it after it occurs.

Ask your doc! Good luck, and I’ll be praying for you.


I’ve had migraines my entire life. I used to just have to go into a dark quiet room and take whatever was on hand sometimes for a night sometimes for a few days. Within the past couple of years I have been blessed to develop floaters before a migraine. As soon as I see the floaters I take Naproxen Sodium (Aleve) and usually they don’t get so bad.
It’s tough to figure out b/c there are so many different kinds of migraines and they are not all receptive to the same medications. The National Headache Foundation has some really good info.


Ugh–yes dark rooms…I remember that.:frowning: My son who is a teenager now, gets them like once a quarter. He vomits and everything…goes to bed for hours on end…I have had to pick him up from school in the middle of the day, that’s how bad they got. Unusual for a boy to get them–but they can be hereditary.:frowning: My heart goes out to anyone suffering with these things.


Are you having hormonal migraines? The week before Aunt Flo? And even while Aunt Flo is visiting?

That’s me.

I’ve had an herbal lady tell me that I needed to try Progestrone cream (I think that’s how you spell it), someone may know more.

But recently, my doctor gave me a new drug, I really don’t know what it is to be honest, I’m just trying to figure out how NOT to get them.

Oh, last week I went to the Chiropractor right about the time I felt one coming on, it really helped, it didn’t get full blown and leave me stranded in the dark for days, I was able to handle it.


I do!!.. I take maxalt once one comes on strong-it works great. At first it made me really sleepy, but after about the third or fourth migraine, I didn’t get sleepy.

Everyday I take something to keep them away… verapamil.
I was taking inderall and it made me sleep the winter and spring away… I had to switch doctors to finally figure out what the problem was. I changed to verapamil and my exhaustion went away.

Lately I’ve had a few headaches, but not migraines… the headaches are definately stress induced due to marital problems right now ;-(

I don’t think you mentioned what you take when you are at home?



I also take Maxalt and have had great success, no side effects at all.

I had a spate of migraines the year before my first period, probably due to hormones. They mostly went away after that. At age 28 I started getting them again about once every 4-6 weeks, with different symptoms than before…worse nausea, more visual disturbance but no sensitivity to sound like before. Now they seem to have passed again…have not had to take my meds in about 10 months.

Prayers for you…they are terrible to deal with.


I inherited mine from my mother. Medication never worked. I always had to sleep them off. When I got them my senses basically went haywire and overloaded. I had to go sleep them off where it was cool, dark, and quiet. And I would sleep for several hours. I figured that for every half hour awake that I had them, I had to sleep three hours to recover. Thankfully, I usually had them when I was home so it was easy to deal with.

I have to be careful with caffeine because it and stress were the two biggest factors in me getting them. Though I haven’t had one in several years and am worried because that means when I get them again they will be much worse.


did for years, since my teens, they peaked from 35-45 to 2 or 3 a week, then abated to 2-3 a month, after hysterectomy 2 or 3 a year. at one time I was hospitalized several times a year. what helped reduce but not eliminate completely was food diary, rigid control of certain foods (smoked meats, fermented products such as pickles, red wine, beer were big offenders), very small daily dose of nortryptiline (anti-deppressent), regular allergy meds. I am sure hormones have big role to play. I also found that when episodes were at their hight it was a wake up call to reduce stress, take care of mental and physical health, and most of all, a call to prayer.


I don’t get them personally, but some of my nurse friends do…and get them bad like yourself! For some, Imitrex did help, but it’s a person to person bases on what helps. Some foods can trigger migraines (like how Chinese does it to you)…I have a question then…do other really salty foods trigger migraines? Just a thought :shrug:

Some of my friends take excedrin, the type with caffeine ( I know, you should avoid caffeine…blah, blah blah) but anything that restricts blood vessels in the head (i.e. caffeine is a natural vessel-restrictor) can help. I’m not sure what type of excedrin exactly, I don’t take it personally as I don’t get migraines.

If your prescription only can be taken at home, ask your dr. for a prescription that is ok to take at work if the excedrin doesn’t work.


I had my introduction to the lovely world of migraines with this pregnancy.

Someone mentioned a Chiropractor–mine helped a great deal. I was extremely skeptical, but needed to do something–anything!-- to deal with the migraines as well as sciatica. They do this ultrasound therapy on my neck/base of skull & then an adjustment afterwards.

Also, I was trying to cut out all caffeine b/c of the pregnancy. But there was a week or two that I dosed up on the Coca-cola b/c I really needed to have some energy & couldn’t get a nap in. So those weeks seemed to trigger more migraines when I went back to no caffeine. Now I just make sure I get a little bit every day, don’t go overboard, and feel fine.

Oh, and water. Drink lots & lots of water!


I used to get the visual part of a migraine - the floty spots across my line of vision. Not a real head ache with it, but a funny feeling. I haven’t had one for a while. Not sure why. Someone told me caffeine helps!! —KCT


I did for years. What finally stopped them was a beta blocker. I took a drug called Timolol. It was something that I took everyday at night. Then if I did get a migraine I would take Imatrex (but spelled right.)

Some other things that helped me were : hard pretzels, crunching them relieved the pain; dark rooms, like everyone else; coke, tea or coffee, I don’t know why it works for some and not others; and sleep.


Oh, sorry, you said that no other foods cause the migraines…so ignore my question if other salty foods cause it :banghead:


It might be the monosodium glutamate in the Chinese food triggering your migraine sometimes.


Yep, MSG is known for that


There are a lot of things that can trigger them–certain foods, like MSG, aged cheeses, nitrates (like in processed meats such as hot dogs, ham, canned meats), wine–especially red, alcohol in general; stress, fatigue, bright light, heat, illness, eye strain, hormones.

Try to figure out what it is that triggers you, and avoid it as much as possible. I take excedrin migraine at the very very first symptom. You can’t let it get ahead of you or you’ve lost the battle. If that doesn’t help in about half an hour, I give up and take my prescription meds and go to bed. That really is the only thing that will get rid of a full blown migraine–assuming I get the meds down before the endless puking starts. :rolleyes: I lay perfectly still with something covering my eyes to block out all light, and try to go to sleep.

If your prescription med isn’t working, ask your doctor for a different one. Some work better on certain people than others, and you may have to try a few to find the one that works for you. Zomig and Relpax work best for me, Imitrex did nothing for me.


Okay, I am a life-long sufferer of migraines. I was diagnosed as having migraines at the age of 6! At the time I was too little to recognize when one was coming on and the drug I could use only helped if it was taken at the onset of a migraine. For me the only thing that worked was a dark, cool to cold room with cold (ice cold) wash clothes on my forehead until I threw up, then I was just fine - go figure. They subsided a bit as I got older and then came on again as part of my PMDD (severe, very severe PMS with additional symptoms of migraines and depression that could last upwards of three weeks, from ovulation to a week after period started).

Since someone here mentioned progesterone cream it is interesting that my migraines have reduced in severity with the introduction of that in my routine. That and the elimination of wheat from my diet has my PMDD under control and the frequency and severity of migraines to functional level.

Now, the point about caffeine, it is a migraine trigger for some and for others it is a migraine reliever -go figure. Other known food triggers are the MSG often found in Chinese food (look for restaurants that clearly post “NO MSG”), aged cheeses, chocolate, and red wines (there are others I have missed I know but…).

I will say that one of my triggers is definitely wines (any kind) - I had a wine cooler the other day and woke up with a horrible migraine (I had about 2 tablespoons of wine no less!)

How do I deal with one though? I take an extra strength tylenol and an aspirin with a glass of diet coke - that gives me the three ingredients in an Excedrine MIgraine formula and if I don’t want the caffeine I skip the coke, if I catch it early enough that will usually keep it at bay until I can go to bed at night and hopefully wake refreshed without the headache.

I will say I haven’t had one so bad recently that it laid me out for the day but I am lucky in that I am self-employed so I can take a nap if I want, or go lie down in a dark room to stave off one.

Brenda V.


I do.:ouch:

Triggers? Well, I’ve identified glaring sunlight and a lack of exercise. If I get too unfit, I end up getting migraines easily. I can take a glass of wine and get a migraine if I don’t make sure I drink a lot of water before bed.

Once I even lost my peripheral vision for about half an hour, this occured, after a migraine (or was that before I had one … I forget now)

Usually when it hits me, I just wanna go to a dark cool room and hope for sleep … usually, I cannot sleep it off, the pain keeps me awake. Sometimes, I get it in the middle of the night and it actually wakes me up!

I usually take panadol extra. (i.e. paracetamol with a whack!). Bad bouts end when I throw up.

There was a stage that I thought I had a tumour - so I actually went for a catscan. Well, I found out that a) I had a brain, and b) there wasn’t any tumour. Which was a relieve.

I find that ‘fighting’ the pain makes it worse. If you’re a migraine sufferer I think you know what I mean. I just try to let the pain wash over me. I just take the panadol, try to sleep it off when the pain decreases and offer all the pain up for the conversion of souls.


do you worry at all ,stressed out , drink a lot of water and have the odd cider vinegar with it.also try and cultivate a sense of humour, laughing sets the pulses racing and unblocks all those closed muscles, arteries , etc.
i wish you well

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