Anyone taking a LONG vacation from work for Christmas break?


I am!!!

I’m off today and don’t go back to work until Jan 2nd!!


If you are working–Are you taking any extended time off? If so–let’s do the happy dance!

I have needed a break for a while…just to relax, get s’more things done for Christmas…and to sleep…I have been sleepy lately.:smiley:



Yes, I am!! :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:

I have one week of time available and I have to use it by the end of the year, so I’m off all next week and Jan. 31, so I don’t go back to work until Jan. 2 too! :smiley: I’m so thankful for this vacation – I really need it! It’ll be so nice to be able to enjoy Christmas, instead of having to leave and travel back home right away (we go to my parents’ house out of town).

Enjoy your vacation!! :smiley:


I’m out all of next week


Blessing to you and your family, WG. Where do you find all of your great icons? You have put some good ones up this week.:thumbsup:


Yep me too - back on Jan 3rd


You consider that LONG? haha :stuck_out_tongue: I was thinking a long vacation would be like… a month!!! But I am very happy for you regardless. My husband has the same vacation length as you. He called me at work today and said “Oh , I am at home enjoying my video games while my pregnant wife is at work, bringing the bread home!”


I’m taking 2 WEEKS off… OMGOSH I’m so excited for the BREAK!

I don’t come back until Jan 7th!


When one is tied to the blackberry, there is never any REAL time off.


the parish office is closed next week, but I would have to take vacation days, which I need in July, and don’t need or want now, so I will be working, getting set up for 1st communions in Jan, Lent & RCIA, and the rest of the parent meetings, plus, 1st penance for those who missed out in the fall. will worry about Confirmation after Easter.

I have am leaving tonite for a long weekend at the monastery, will be back at work Wed. am. they will have a lot of visitors, but I can stay in the back or in the chapel and stay quiet, which is what I want, silence and rest, meals (table reading), LOTH, Mass and lectio with the sisters, the rest of the time quiet.


I’m working today, one of only two people in my building. I’m going to work for 4 hours on Christmas Eve day, then the governor has given us informal leave for the remaining 4 hours. I’ll probably be the only one in my building that day as everyone else is taking vacation.

I will be off from Christmas to New Years though. My parents and sisters will be at my place for Christmas, then I will likely take the kids up to Northern California, where the boys can run loose on my parents 14 acres, then I will take my daughter into San Francisco to check out art school as that is where she wants to go. Looking forward to that as it’s been years since I’ve been to San Francisco. My younger sister (26) lives there now and promises to show us a good time.


I have taken the week between Christmas and New Years for several years. Last year I took a few days before as well. It is nice to slow down and really enjoy the true Christmas season!


:smiley: I have heard that! I am supposed to be getting one in 08…we shall see. I’m not reminding anyone:cool:

I have a secure id card…which is nice to be able to tap into my email, which I did today:rolleyes: just to stay in the loop.

Have a great holiday–blackberry and all!:slight_smile:


Yes it is…our offices are closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so you’re not having to use a lot of vacation…and of course NY’s day too. In the past I have returned to work right after Christmas, ugh, and it’s like a ghost town…the hours draaaaaag by. Have a happy one Sally!


How awesome is that! 14 acres??? oh wow…I’m jealous:o I would love to live on a sprawling farm or ranch…always been a dream of mine. You sound like you have a terrific time planned…enjoy!:slight_smile:


Here is my secret;)

I just input what I want into the google search engine…for example–dancing banana…and then I press images…and I copy and paste the http address into the ‘insert image’ icon on CAF (right above the message box) and voila! Any image you want – pretty much, unless it takes too much space…can be inserted! Give it a whirl Mr Time.:smiley:


You work for a church, annie? I did not know that…that is really great…I too long for some long prayer time…I am going to pray the Chaplet AT 3PM today…I usually pray it at night, because I’m at work…have a blessed holiday!

and to everyone else…have a great Christmas! Enjoy your time off and steer clear of those crazy malls as much as possible. Although I’m going to buy my dh a nice shirt and tie today, from the mall–for his present.


My vacation from my regular job started Tuesday the 18th, and I don’t go back until Jan. 4 (but then I have to work the weekend, oh well). YAY! But I’m not on vacation as a musician – I had a gig last night, I’m playing for the Vigil Mass on Saturday and Midnight Mass, and the German “oom-pah” band where I play is doing a 45-minute set every two hours at the New Year’s Eve festival downtown. But that will be fun, not “work.” :smiley:

Merry Christmas to all!


That sounds so neat! How blessed you are to be a part of that!

Break a leg as they say…or don’t break a leg…:blush: :smiley: Have a joyous Christmas!


Drat. Just checked in with my family. My mom and sister will both be working full time during that time frame and my stepdad will be doing half days. Doesn’t seem worth the long drive to me. They are suggesting MLK weekend, so…maybe then.


Thanks! :slight_smile: Actually, I did “break a leg” at a concert once; actually it was my ankle. I was going onstage to unpack and set up and missed the second of three stairs. I fell on my ankle at a twisted angle, tore all of the ligaments, and cracked a bone. :eek: But the show must go on…I hobbled onstage, played the gig, and then had my friends take me to the E.R. Ouch!

Christmas blessings to you and yours. :slight_smile:

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