Anyone try any of those yogurt products with the enzyme in them yet? Activia, or others?


I’ve been drinking the little Dannon Danactive things once every evening, and I have to say that I - um - feel much more “normal” in the bathroom department now (ifyaknowhatImean) which was never the case. :o

I have a friend of mine who is in his 70’s and he absolutely swears by them and says he feels better than ever now that he’s been eating them, and another friend in his 40’s who is convinced that after drinking them for a few days they cleared up a cold faster than he’s ever known.

So - anyone else eating these things? What do you make of it? Scam or science?



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Yes…I eat Danactive–and I dunno…I also take supplements, so it is hard to say if that is boosting my immune system or the vitamins…but, I thought it was eye opening to read that 70% of our immune system is in our digestive tract? So, it would stand to reason that it should help…but it has a lot of sugars, that’s my only concern with that stuff.


The active cultures are science, not marketing.

I love Cascade Fresh yogurt, you can get it a Whole Foods or through a food co-op. YUM.


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When that older friend of mine went to his doctor and told him he was taking this stuff, the doc told him to keep it up, that it is a good thing. He said that no one really knows if it’s truly 70% or not, but whatever it is, it is significant.

Who knew - eating bugs keeps the bugs away!:shrug:



I have yogurt every day. Love the stuff! Just a word of caution to any one who is interested in using yogurt for its probiotic use- pay attention to the ingredients- sugars feed yeast which in turn weakens immune system- don’t want to have yogurt with added corn syrup,etc. My children are constantly asking for “kids” yogurts but I always make them read ingredients- I allow them sweets but I refuse to let them think that something with 50 grams of added sugar is a healthy snack. I don’t have access to a Whole foods store but I try to look for the yogurts with little cto no added sugars- just fruit.
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That’s why I love Cascade Fresh. It’s just yogurt and fruit, but it’s SOOO yummy.

If you have any kind of food co-op that focuses on natural/organic you could order it… that’s what I do… mmmm…


We eat our grocery’s generic brand of the “Activia” yogurt… it’s so good… and my boys just gobble it up!
We also regularly drink DanActive and Kefir… both of which are LOADED with lots of great probiotics…

Probiotics are GREAT for your health… we swear by them!


Dannon is being sued over the claims it makes about its yogurt.


I’m suspicious of the yogurts that claim to have all these probiotics. Not of the yogurt themselves, but of the marketing. People knew yogurt was probiotic BEFORE they started marketing it as such. My mom used to give me yogurt after I had a bout of the stomach flu, to help my digestive system return to normal. I’d say if you like the flavor of the yogurt, go for it. I know some have added fiber, and that I can believe. I love Activa’s Peach and Fiber. ^^
So yeah, if you like it, buy it, but don’t get it just because of the ‘active cultures’ if you like another type better. Just my 2cents.


Is there no sweetener in it at all? Isn’t it awfully tart?

I eat my yogurt with berries and almonds. My best attempt at keeping it healthy is to buy a plain, low-fat (not fat-free) probiotic yogurt like Astro BioBest and add a packet of Splenda and a few drops of vanilla extract to each serving.

I wish I could say I eat it every day and I feel great as a result. In reality though, many nights I lie in bed thinking about how I forgot to eat my yogurt that day.:frowning: I really love yogurt too!


yes until I noticed the sugar content

for me plain regular organic yogurt works best.


What brands have you found that don’t add gelatin, starch & such? I’ve found that if I want plain yogurt to make nan or to make dips I just have to make my own because finding some without additives is nigh impossible.


And buried at the bottom of the article is this:

Dr. Gregor Reid, a microbiologist at the University of Western Ontario and the director of the Canadian Research and Development Centre for Probiotics says Danone and others have completed vast amounts of research on the probiotics involved.

“So I object when someone says that Activia and DanActive are not based on science. There is plenty of scientific data on both,” he told

"I’m aware of four studies on Activia’s effect on regularity alone. So this is certainly not a case where they made outrageous claims about Activia with no data whatsoever. The science behind DanActive, as well, has been very well documented - certainly over 100 papers, many of which were clinical trials.

“So to say there is no data is not true at all.”

So - it will be interesting to see where this lawsuit goes. I suspect it will be nowhere.



No, they aren’t tart. They are sweetened with fruit and fruit juices. They are amazingly yummy.


I have found it is cheaper to just buy bags of frozen fruit, and a plain acidolphulous (live action!) yogurt such as LaYougrt. I mix the yogurt, fruit and a bit of Splenda myself. It keeps things “bumping along” and I can have a bigger serving should I choose, not having to guzzle three little cartons.


The Activia here in Europe is just plain yogurt (for the plain, obviously :wink: Milk and cultures. The vanilla is milk, cultures, sugar, and vanilla. Sooooo tasty, but when I’m trying to be good with the sugars, I stick with the plain. My mother says the Activia in the states is full of gunk, it’s a shame, since obviously they can make it without it. I THINK Stoneyfield Farm makes an additive/gelatin/starch free yogurt. We used to use it as a culture for our homemade ones.

I also love Cascade Fresh! I used to eat it all the time. I love fruit flavored kefir as well (peach or raspberry), but usually they have added sugars. My all-time favorite yogurt is the FAGE Greek style plain yogurt (2%) with a spoonful of raw honey :thumbsup:


I don’t know the details of the lawsuit but I understood it to be along the lines of what pumpkinbeast said… That Dannon is making a claim that it is somehow special when in fact it is just acting as yogurt is supposed to act if it has live and active cultures. But who knows how that will turn out.


I just make my own yogurt. :shrug: It’s very easy. You can buy powdered starter at health food stores, or just buy a carton of plain unflavored unsweetened yogurt and use that as starter. Scald your milk, cool, add starter, pour into a clean container and keep it warm, around 90-110 (keeping it in a crockpot or a gas oven with the pilot light on works great if you don’t have a yogurt maker) for about 12hrs, and that’s it–just refrigerate! I then add honey and frozen berries, or whatever other flavoring I want. Yum! The kiddos love it.


I ate the Activia yogurts and took probiotics while pregnant b/c that was the only time I had trouble with yeast and all that great stuff. Plus, it was good for me in general. I am lactose intolerant and have severe eczema at times, so I stopped after I had Matthew (the yogurt that is), but I think they worked well :).


I had this when I was in England - yummy is right!!! But then again, all dairy is just so much better there for some reason.


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