Anyone Up For Some Dream Interpretation?


Between the ages of 15 & 16 I had two dreams. They were powerful. I am 41 now and I still remember them vividly. I’m not the sort of person that has the same dream over and over again. I had each of these dreams only once. I’d also be curious if others have had strong dreams like these. So if any of you have had similar seemingly God given dreams (now I’m not talking about teeth-falling-out dreams or taking-your-final-exam-naked dreams) I’d be happy to think out loud about your dreams too.

Dream #1: I was standing in a grove in a forest. I recognized the grove as one from a forest preserve that I often visited. In the distance I saw a woman with a white veil and a long blue gown. I knew it was the Virgin Mary. She said “You are to be a witness of the Holy Spirit.”

Then the scene of the dream changed and I was standing next to an inground concrete swimming pool with pure blue water. Reclining in a lawn chair beside the pool there was a thin bald man with *perfectly *black skin, ebony skin (but not african; just a black black man). He was dressed as a Catholic priest. He stood up from his poolside chair and walked toward me, saying “You know, I think of the soul as candy…” then he transformed into an enormous devilish creature, with horns, fangs and metallic brass skin, and said “…and I ***love ***candy!”

Dream #2. I was standing in pitch black darkness (it was strange to be dreaming of standing in darkness) and I put my hand in front of my face but couldn’t see it. Then I saw something glowing in front of me. It was a piece of paper, like a parchment. The parchment glowed green and I could see lettering on the page; it was a contract for me to sell my soul to the devil. I grabbed the parchment and suddenly a whicker basket appeared at my feet. I threw the parchment into the basket and then they both disappeared and I was in darkness again.

Then a brilliant white light appeared above my head, like a spotlight shining down on me. Everything around me was still pitch black. I looked up to try and see where the light was coming from, but the light moved with my head. No matter how I craned my neck to see the light, the source always stayed just out of my sight.

But then a mirror appeared before me. I could see myself *and *the source of the light–It was a halo. Wherever I moved my head it stayed perfectly above me. I felt happy about that, but then the halo began to descend. I thought “No! No! Stay up there halo!” When the halo touched my head it became a wreath of laurel leaves (like those paintings of ancient Romans where the laurel leaves only circle around the back of the head). I wanted to see them so I took them off of my head but when I put them down in front of me, they had transformed into a marble white crown. The white crown was engraved with ionic pillars, two on one side and one on another. There also appeared to be white marble statues of people engraved on the crown. Somehow I knew that those were people in my life, or would be in my life, and that somehow they would make me very sad. That’s when the dream ended.

I’m posting this thread here because these are “spiritual dreams” in a sense. I hope the thread isn’t moved. Anyone have any thoughts? And remember, I’d love to hear about your dreams as well. We could all help each other figure them out. :slight_smile:

(Note on Dream #1: I once told a priest about this dream and he asked me if I was charismatic, because of the word “witness” in the dream. I hadn’t even heard of the charismatic renewel at the time, and had never heard the word “witness” used that way in a sentence before, which was one of the reasons I asked him about the dream).


The second dream edifies you to want to keep holy in your faith and gives you encouragement to keep growing in holiness. The first dream probably encourages you to love Mary even more and to be more cautious of the devil’s seductions. Those are very intense dreams! I’ve dreamed a beautiful - and I mean beautiful - dream of Jesus handing me his golden chalice in an upper room. I get different meanings of this loving gesture of His (He was emanating pure love, goodness and peace - it was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever experienced!), but I guess the dream is really meant to be mysterious and just a sign of His love for me and of His powerful presence. I’ve had other dreams with beautiful saints in them too. They were so comforting. Now you can imagine what the presence of the good and beautiful Mary and the bad and satanic devil feels like and can take it as a learning experience or just as a comfort and as a caution of the presence of pure good and pure worldly evil in the world. Pure good and pure evil were what you were able to experiece first-hand through your dream. It probably makes you love Mary even more and dislike the devil and the seduction of evil even more too.


The best person to interpret dreams is you. Think about what they have meant to you and how they have affected your life.

I’ve had a few such dreams, and I’ve never stopped unraveling them.


I thank you for this. I’ve only had the two dreams. If you’ve had many dreams of saints, you must be blessed. Do any stick out as being more significant than the others? Share some. I’ve never actually dreamed of Jesus himself. I’m kind of envious.


Yes I agree. I have some theories but I wanted to get reactions from strangers to see if anyone sees anything that I missed. The symbolism may be interpretable by others. I don’t know.

I’d love to hear about dreams you’re still “unraveling.”

And what are the tenets of “cheesianism.” I love cheese. I may be willing to convert. :slight_smile:


You are blessed too to have dreamed about the Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Lord.

The dream I had of Jesus took place in what began at my old Catholic grammar school. A group of students and I made our way through dark corridors and winding passageways like “mental” gymnasts going through a difficult and mysterious course and finally we made our way (with me leading the group) up a stairway to an upper room. Upon entering the threshold of the upper room Jesus was at a table and extended his chalice to me with powerful love emanating from Him as he extended the chalice to me for me to take and drink of his chalice of blood. He emanated such powerful love and peace and goodness it was like meeting God for real, as I would imagine Him to be. His hair was long and light brown and he was dressed as we typically see him potrayed in pictures and he was so full of such profound love and gentleness and peaceful goodness. After the dream in real life someone gave me a picture of “Kuya Jesus” a particular image of Jesus that resembled him. I still have the picture. Also after the dream when I was a lector, the priest would extend the chalice of blood to me and I would see him being Christ for me with love.

I’ve dreamed of Mother Theresa, who was an anchor of understanding in my dream at a time when there wasn’t such understanding from others in my life. It is my understanding that Padre Pio has been in a dream of mine and offered the same compassion of Mother Theresa. There may have been at least one other saint I’ve dreamed of but I don’t talk with people about my dream experiences and I very well may have just forgotten.

Once in a dream of mine the driver in a car I was in drove off a curvacious turn on a short bridge I’d always been afraid of him driving off because of speed, though he always drove the speed limit I believe. In the dream I died and left my body and experienced such peace and trandscendent love around me. It was transendental beauty and peace and love I experienced upon death as I left my body. But that was just a dream.


Those are very interesting dreams. In general, i tend to agree with Cheese about the dreamer (with the help of the Holy Spirit) being in the best position to interpret the dreams. Also that other people’s interpretations may innocently lead you away from the intended message of the dream. However, these dreams took place so long ago that i don’t see this as applying any longer and who knows, perhaps the Holy Spirit is prompting you to get outside help with the dreams.

First, i would ask if you were at around the time of these dreams watching movies or reading books that may have inspired these dreams? Could that line about the ‘soul as candy’ have come from a movie, for instance?

Now regarding the first dream, if i had had this dream myself i would approach it this way: why was the Lady wearing a blue gown? and why a pool (did you have a pool at the time?), any significance there? a pool with clear blue water…any relation to the blue gown? to represent the Virgin in some way? but why was he dressed as a priest? and why was he black? symbolic for darkness? (also if he had been white would he have looked like your parish priest? was your priest bald and thin?)…so why a priest changing into the Prince of Darkness? and could the pool have represented a need for cleansing? that perhaps turning to the Virgin will help cleanse you? or a sort of baptism? or perhaps both the gown and the water could have been symbolic for the Holy Spirit? Then the question would be, were you going down a dark path at this time in your life? looking back on it did this dream change your path in some way?

As to the 2nd dream…first i would wonder why the paper glowed green? any significance with that color? and then as soon as you rejected the contract, a light appeared, a light in the darkness that was surrounding you, and then you kept searching for the Source but could not see it…as though symbolic for searching for God…perhaps a message then to keep searching for that Source, to always seek the true Light even though you may not actually seem to be able to find the Source…and then a white crown with people on it that you thought would somehow make you sad…so perhaps dream ultimately was a message to reject Satan, to turn to the Light, to allow the Light to crown you but at the same time to be aware that this will be (symbolically) a crown of thorns that you will have to bear; in other words, saying that even with the Light there will also be sorrows that must be borne, it will not be easy to wear this crown but as long as you wear it the darkness will not overcome you…

Finally, i would like to know how you interpreted these dreams at the time and how you came to interpret them over time. Do the dreams make more sense now to you? Have you become a witness for the Holy Spirit? Perhaps sharing these dreams is part of the witnessing.

And on that note, as to sharing similar dreams…i used to hardly ever remember having dreamed upon waking, would often go months without recalling a single dream but that all has changed the last couple of years and i have been awaking from dreams almost daily now. I become worried when i don’t awaken from a dream now, for fear that the dreams will stop. I am reluctant to share these dreams for the reasons that i alluded to at the beginning, but i suppose it wouldn’t hurt to put down a couple of the earlier dreams (i have been keeping a ‘dream journal’ with both the dreams and my interpretations).


I don’t recall ever having such profound and beautiful dreams of Jesus and Mary or any Saint, but I used to have a recurring dream in which I was standing in front of a beautiful house, my “dream” house ( if you don’t mind the pun). I would enter the house and the first rooms were very beautiful, just like I would like them, but as I got deeper into the house the rooms began to look decrepit and dusty and dirty with cobwebs and such. I would be pulling cobwebs out of my hair, and I would feel very sad at the state of disrepair my house had fallen into. Then I would wake up.

It then occured to me one day that perhaps I was looking at the state of my soul. Whereas on the outside I appeared to be a good Christian person, on the inside I was dirty and sinful and needed a good cleaning. Sort of like the whitened sepulchre Jesus referred to. Talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

So I interpreted this recurring dream as a sort of message from God to start being honest with myself, and in the process I needed a good dose of humility, which, on occasion, the Lord has graciously provided, much to my chagrin:o


This is dream #13 as i entered it into my notes along with some initial thoughts about it (though i now interpret it somewhat differently due to subsequent dreams).

i had a dream…i awoke to a dream…my mom and i in this dream were watching something on tv together, and in the scene there was a woman in a house and suddenly down the stairs came a girl. I couldn’t see her face, for she was hooded, but when the woman saw this girl she screamed. The woman didn’t think anyone else was in the house. Didn’t have children. No one else should have been there. She screamed and she kept screaming, as though a siren were going off. And then i started to awake but as i did the “camera” scanned upward and i could see that it wasn’t just a house, it was a mansion, and there were beautiful white walls with intricate designs (or maybe there were columns along the walls which had intricate designs) and it stretched upward with such majestic beauty. And then i awoke and the fear lingered and there was sadness too.

was the child, the girl, was she a gift from the Spirit? was it symbolic of the Spirit? coming to join with my soul in the mansion? coming down as though from Heaven? coming for us to work together? and was the fear the fear of finding out that i’m no longer alone? and of being so used to being alone? a fear of change? a fear of being changed? or is there something in me that is afraid of the Holy Spirit? that is what i fear the most

but i think again of that dream i had a few nights ago…how the woman screamed (my soul screaming?) when she realized there was someone else in the mansion…that she wasn’t alone…is that what i do whenever the Holy Spirit tries to draw near me? do i scream until the Holy Spirit flees? do i keep shrinking back? is this some animal fear within that instinctively pulls back from anything that might break down or might break through the protective instincts? perhaps this is the wall that must be torn down…that we must tear down or, rather, allow the Holy Spirit to tear down…or to bear us across the wall…that until we do we’ll remain on the animal side…


and this was dream #34

  1. after a week or so without dreams (or rather without recalling hardly anything upon waking), i had two this morning…i don’t remember too much about the dreams except the endings…

the first dream: the last part of the dream i was at home…i flipped on the light switch to my room but it didn’t come on…then i tried the hallway light and it too didn’t come on…then i tried the light another room but that too was out…and the impression i had was that something strange was going on…in other words it didn’t occur to me that the electricity had simply gone out…for that was beyond the scope of the dream…somehow i knew the dream was trying to tell me something symbolically…the feeling i had was that it shouldn’t be like this…that something was very odd…as though all the lights had burned out at the same time and that i was helpless to turn them back on again…i then awoke

the second dream: i remember a little more of this dream…there was a woman outside our house who wanted help of some sort…i can’t remember what…maybe just directions or wanted to borrow something…the thing that stands out to me is that my mom said her name was Sharon Stone (or at least i think that was the name)…and i was thinking, that’s strange, what would she be doing here? and i was trying to recollect whether she had looked like a movie star or not…it had seemed to me that she was just a normal looking woman…we were still watching her, and i was trying to see if she really was Sharon Stone when she started to ride away on a bike…and then she waved to us since apparently she could see us through the window of the door leading to the garage…i had thought it was too bright outside for her to see inside the house and i felt stupid knowing that she was aware that we were still watching her…i even remember going outside and looking back at the window to see how well you could see inside when it was bright outside and i was surprised that it was possible to see through the window…another thing i remember is that i had asked mom whether that woman was really the actress and she indicated that she wasn’t the actress, just someone that worked at some place that my mom had been (or else she had worked together with my mom or something like that)…but then the scene shifted…i was back in my room (or at the end of the hallway there next to my room)…and again i tried to turn on the lights…my bedroom light…the hallway light…and nothing worked…and i was thinking: wow, it’s just like the dream i had (remembering the first dream and thinking that i was awake now)…and then i decided to go to the bathroom and see if the bathroom lights were working but they were out as well…and again, i knew it had nothing to do with the electricity not working…i knew it meant something else…i then turned back to my room…and i was frightened, i was afraid to go back to my room but i went anyway, as though drawn there…i was afraid of something there, that would be there in the dark…i then went into the room…it was as though i was going to my death…i shut the door and as i did i said: “okay God you have me where you want me now” and it was pitch dark and i fell to my knees and started to cry as i raised my hands up to try to shield myself from something…and i was trembling with fear as to what was coming in the dark…i feared something but i don’t know what it was that i feared…perhaps that i would be punished? perhaps simply a fear of the unknown…and then there was something in the room…i felt there was something in the room…i felt suddenly hopeful…and then i saw a Light…a Light that was curving down to me…and my fear started to fade…and i felt that something good was going to happen…and then i awoke

so what might the message be? i wish i could remember more of the dreams but perhaps the parts i don’t remember well were not meaningful…to have dreamt of the same thing twice though must mean something…so why didn’t the lights work? what could that mean? that the Light had left my soul? that i am in darkness now? that i have failed? or could it be symbolic of false lights? lights that perhaps i had thought would light my way when instead i needed to only wait for the True Light? so a message that the true Light can only be found when you extinguish (or have extinguished for you) the false lights and turn to the One True Light?..but why was i so afraid of the dark and of what would come? and yet, it seemed that what came was something wonderful, was doing something wonderful…did the dream symbolize death? death of the body? death of the animal side of me?..perhaps that is why there was fear, the fear came from that part of me which fears relinquishing itself to the Holy Spirit? or perhaps i was afraid because i was waiting to see whether i would be accepted by the Holy Spirit or not?

why Sharon Stone? symbolic? mother made a point of saying that it wasn’t the actress, as though saying that the message has nothing to do with the actress but something else…Sharon Stone, as in ‘sharing stone’? someone coming to help share the burden? to symbolically lift away a stone? [continued in next post, due to length]


more thoughts about the recent dreams [on dreams #34a & 34b]…it seems to me that the 2nd dream was given to not only continue the 1st but to impress upon me the significance of the lights not coming on…when the lights didn’t come on i felt amazed…i felt that something supernatural was happening…as though i knew that something significant was being communicated…the other lights perhaps represented paths that we take mistakenly thinking that they are the Lighted path…but they were false paths with false lights lighting the way…or at least not the True Path and the True Light…perhaps the dream was saying that in order to be led by the True Light i first need to turn away from the false…that only when the other lights have been turned off can the True Light be found…and perhaps the room represented where i needed to be in order to receive the Light…i needed to be in darkness and i needed to wait for the Light instead of turning to artificial lights to direct me…and it was once i was in darkness and once i had overcome my fears and waited for whatever would happen, it was only then that the Light appeared…

also the house wasn’t in darkness when i was trying to turn on the lights…in other words, it wasn’t as though i was fumbling around in the dark…rather, there was reflected light from the sun that was lighting the house…and yet, even in the reflected Light we still want to have other light…and when i realized that the other lights would not work i then knew i would have to wait for the True Light…

while going back to review my previous dreams (in order to get caught up on the Dreams document) i read through some of the posts from a few days ago and came across many that spoke about the True Light and the Inner Light and so forth…and it reminded me of the dreams i had yesterday…that perhaps the dreams were telling me that i have been too often trying to create my own light…that all of us are too often doing this…and this was represented by the artificial lighting…and it is only once we turn from the artificial lights and only once they are turned off and kept off, only then might the True Light, the Inner Light, come to us and reside in us…


In my dream about Jesus the group of students and myself started out I think standing with a nun, a Sisters of St. Dorothy from the congregation of nuns responsible for my early Catholic education. Perhaps my faith journey started with the Sisters of St. Dorothy at my grammar school and ended with a union with God Himself in an upper room of Eucharist.

Also in my dream with Mother Theresa and I think with Padre Pio we conversed together and I was given words of support and understanding from them. In real life I talk with them through prayer for their intercession to God. In my dream I was helped by their talking with me. It tells me the saints are very real in my life and help me tremendously.


I had a dream a year ago that I can still remember really clearly. I had/have marital problems and I had just about given up on praying and looking for God because I didnt see a solution to my problems. a few months after I quit praying I had a dream that I opened the back door of my house and I saw a tree that was burning; like Moses’ burning bush. From the tree I heard a loud voice, immediately I felt a very powerful and overwhelming presence. The voice said, " Do not worry, I have listened to all your prayer and I am going to my wonders in your marriage."


Today at church I remembered that I have also dreamed about St. Therese (when she was only a child). We didn’t talk together in the dream or anything, I don’t think. She was just an example of a good child for me as opposed to a bad child she could have let herself become in this world.

I think these saints are the only saints I have dreamed about. I’ve had some very important people in my dreams like Pres. Obama, Mao Tse Tung (sp?) and Lenin. Pres. Obama and I talked together. Lenin spoke to me. And I can’t remember the other dream to comment on it.


I remember one time when I had a dream that I was a priest saying Mass. What I remember happening was that I was trying to say Mass (I was performing the Consecration) but various people started tugging on me and pushing me, trying to pull me away from the Altar or to otherwise disrupt me.

Multiple interpretations could be given, but one that I got from a priest was that many would try to dissuade me from the Christian path. I would take this as a sign that I would have to keep-up spiritually to avoid falling over.


Hi Nom- the first dream was about choices and your freewill mixed with symbolism… the blessed Mother was a visitation and her words to you were a reminder of your purpose in this life-the Holy Spirit is your guide and others will be able to witness Spirit at work through you…that said- you are being tested- the water is your spirituality- the concrete contained pool it is in( rather than an ocean or a river) denotes discipline at best -or suppression… you are being shown that not all you will come across on your spiritual journey- will be what they appear to be…and you must learn to discern…while no prejudice is intended to people of color- the color of black as his facade under the guise of a priest…)-alludes more to the spirit within and the darkness of the soul you would see upon discernment-and nothing is sacred to these darker energies- corruption of the holy is very sweet to them(souls as candy)… the forest in the beginning is about not seeing the forest for the trees…great message!-and the reason you can’t forget them is because the Holy Spirit is prompting you to find the meaning- once a meaning resonates with you- you will be open for the next lesson…:thumbsup:

The second dream is about introspection(the darkness) and reflection(the mirror)… and the choices and realizations you achieve because of those choices… the letter is"serving you notice" of perhaps a direction you were headed(thought word or deed)…the green light enfolding it is healing energy and unconditional love that gives you the strength and conviction to throw it away…at that point you began to look up to the light for your answers- and although your halo is not perfect…it has illuminated those thoughts you carry for you to see and for others to see as well-it is not the garishness of a rigid stone crown drawing people to you by wearing it that suits you or makes you happy- but rather the simplicity of the laurel leaf that sets you apart- it’s about finding your humility and exploring your spirituality… :getholy: hope this helps… God Bless


You have all given me A LOT to think about in reference to my dreams. Thank you all for being so generous. For those of you that have posted dreams, I’m still thinking about them (I’m not as good at dream analysis as some, like ready, Bridge and JCnMe:blush:) But I am glad I posted this thread as I find the subject fascinating and we so rarely hear about dreams where God still speaks to his people unless it’s through saint biographies (or the Bible). I hope others still post, even though I struggle with dream interp, others seem to be well versed and I’m enjoying thinking about the fascinating interps I’ve read.

My first dream always troubled me, especially with regard to the *distance *that Mary was from me, and the *nearness *that “the devil priest” was to me :eek:. But I’ve gotten some good things to think about from you so I’ll try not to be paranoid (Bridge: I couldn’t even see the features of the priest’s face, so it was no one I knew, and hadn’t seen any movies with the term “witness of the Holy Spirit.” I had the dreams in the early 80’s. The charismatic renewel hadn’t even come close to the parish where I lived at the time. I couldn’t even begin to guess what the term could have meant back then. I was truly mystified).

My second dream I interpreted this way. When I had the dream I hadn’t been to college yet, and I went to college late. But then I thought the dream could have been prophetic about my own life. I see the laurel leaves as representing my education, as laurel leaves have often had that association. So I thought that perhaps the halo fell because of my education, and that I was a more “holy” soul before I went to college (which is somewhat true, as college certainly challenged my faith as it does for most people). I don’t regret my education, far from it. In many ways my education strengthened my faith beyond what I could have learned through Bible studies alone.

I’ve read that St. Maximillian Kolbe once had a dream where Our Lady offered him two crowns, one white and one red. She said the white one was sainthood and the other was martyrdom. She asked Kolbe which one he wanted and he said he would take them both. He was of course martyred in Auschwitz (sp?) and later canonized.

So because I had a white crown in the end of dream two, I’ve wondered if I was being offered sainthood, and I know how self-serving an interpretation like that can be. I only thought about it in reference to Kolbe’s dream as precedent. I certainly don’t feel like a saint, and technically everyone that follows Christ is a “saint” but we’re just not all canonized. Thinking of it that way, my thoughts are not as prideful as they would seem.

Comparing this to dream #1, Mary said that I was to be a “witness of the Holy Spirit.” I’ve since studied Greek, and the word “Martyr” in Greek means “witness” in English. Could my dreams be warning me that I will be “martyred” (killed :eek:) or just as others have said, perhaps from my life (my later life I must assume) that some may see the work of the Holy Spirit in me? Even if the dream meant I will die for the Holy Spirit, well that’s not such a terrible way to die, so I don’t really fear it, but it would be a comforting thought to know it’s coming. :slight_smile: Do I sound crazy?


I’m horrible at the dream thing - some of the whoppers of dreams that I’ve had include dreams that:

a) the monks at the seminary I attended were really aliens out to destroy the earth.
b) a bishop trying to kill me with a knife.
c) my mother being executed by a knight in rusty armor wielding an axe (Freud would have a field day with that one!)
d) me taking off priestly robes and putting them into a locker, and then leaving the church into a bright, sunny day.

As for the tenants of Cheesians… they pretty much change day to day… :slight_smile: I’ve pretty much settled on the label “Nonchristian Christian, Nonpagan Pagan”. At least for this week.


Please don’t be angry with me - but I thought we weren’t supposed to believe in dreams?
I wish I could recount some of mine but, while I keep a few memorable ones within, I try hard not to discuss them - for fear of doing the wrong thing or maybe rely on them too much. I know St. Joseph was sent messages in a dream, as the Bible tells us, but I feel that’s the exception to the rule. Anyone have similar ideas?


ConservativeOne- dream interpretation is very much Biblical… whether you believe in it or not is of course your choice- but what if Jeremiah… and Joseph… and Isaiah…etc etc had not believed… dreams are a wonderful source of communication… emotions such as grief or fear however can distort them-so it is always best to post them somewhere you trust to see if anyone can help you…when you receive the right message it will resonate with you… also it’s not unusual for dreams or dreamthemes to repeat until you get the message…- before sleep-say a prayer to God and His angels to only allow what comes through His love in dreams…and then TRUST you are good hands…God Bless

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