Anyone Up For Some Dream Interpretation?


Daniel also interpeted many dreams :slight_smile:

I can recall one that stands out in my mind. It happened last year, and I remember it vividly. It wasn’t particularly unique as dreams go, just very odd, and I was disturbed by it for some time. And yet I still can’t see anything disturbing about it…
I was in a large open field with family. There was a spot where there was no grass, like a fire had destroyed it. We were gathered around it kneeling, waiting for something. Pretty much all of my close family was there, except my grandfather. We were worried and wondering where he was. I recall somehow we ended up out of the field and in his house, watching TV. More talk on some big event we were all waiting for. Still no grandfather…
Back in the field. Still waiting. The sky turns dark, like there’s a storm approaching. Thunder, and I awake.

Really weird stuff, but it still bothers me trying to figure out what it was about.



I just want to say that the tendency for most is to over think the dream… usually the messages are complete in themselves-although at times it’s a little like playing charades…LOL…and usually the more detailed the dream- the more simple and direct the message… hope this helps(((hugs))) I can’t wait to go through the other dreams posted-just will have to stop back over the next few days to do so …:wink:



(((((Silvereel))))…(I tend to (((hug))) alot- some people on these boards are not used to this-so that is what the ((())) mean…:)…ok- one question- was your grandfather still with you when you had the dream- or had he crossed over…



Yes, my grandfather was (and is) still with us.



I think you are referring to dreams that are considered “Private Revelation.” Public Revelation is **restricted **to the Scriptures and Tradition, or those private revelations that the Church has endorsed (like Lourdes and Fatima) and even then they are not Public Revelation but still private revelation and the Holy See gave us permission to incorporate their messages into our faith lives. And even someone in their private life that receives what they consider to be a “dream from God” cannot promulgate it as a Revelation from God for all to believe. That would be heresy. So right now, we are not breaking forum rules (Mods?).

If someone ever posted on this thread “I had a dream from God–You all must listen to me” we should report the post immediately to the mods. That’s not the kind of dreams that we’re looking at here. Even private dreams sent from God (or that the receiver believes was sent from God) cannot contradict the scriptures or tradition. If you see any posts on this thread that seem to contradict Church teaching, report it immediately.

I would encourage you to share your dreams here, so long as you didn’t dream that God told you to tell us to follow you instead of the Church :D. I posted my dreams only because I’ve remembered them all my life with an intensity. None of my dreams seemed to suggest anything contrary to Church teachings, so I posted the thread hoping to get other reactions.



((((Silvereel))))…this isn’t anything ominous(your instincts are correct)- quite the opposite-an observation… it’a about being together through thick and thin(the grass and then the bare spot).LOL- about everyone watching out for each other- especially your ((grandfather)))…visiting him and watching(out) for him… it’s about not letting the storms of life affect you because you have each other… this sounds like an observation and assurance from loved ones in spirit… either your family is this way- or you are being made aware of how it should be…hope this helps ((hugs))) God Bless



I really started thinking about what you’ve written here, false lights and True Light. And this thing about whether or not Sharon Stone could see you or not, and whether she was the real Sharon Stone or not. I don’t know you (as you didn’t know me but hazarded a guess about my dreams, which I thank you for) but here is my take on it.
The first dream you are in the dark, no lights come on, but it isn’t an electrical issue.

Next dream, Sharon Stone (celebrity) the issue of whether or not you’ve been seen. Light and darkness, seeing and not seeing. You go to your room. Something’s in the room that you fear. You break down “Okay God come and get me” (paraphrase). A light shines in the darkness, a True Light as you say.

Is God telling you that there is something that you’re missing? A hole in your faith life? Again, I don’t know you. Are you fascinated by Hollywood stars? (sounds goofy to say, but I’m just laying out the cards). Do you “worship” Hollywood stars more than God? (hmmm…sounds goofy even to me).

**The one overall image is (and the central one as far as I can tell) is YOU are trying to turn the lights on, and when YOU try to do it, it doesn’t work. BUT THEN you finally submit to God in fear and trembling. And then, low and behold, LIGHT! **

I feel like I could be *way off *with the Sharon Stone part. But to me, my impression is God is asking you to humble yourself to His Will somehow. Are you headstrong? Do you think that you know it all, but it’s really a defense for how vulnerable you really feel? Again, don’t know you.

How did I do? :blush: Hope you’re still following the thread. I wish I would have gotten back to you sooner. If this thread goes the distance, it might be a thread where we respond to each other every other week. This dream interp isn’t conducive to “rapid posts” like other threads are.



Hi Nom, thanks for the reply and for your analysis of my dream. The part you put in bold i think nails it. As for Sharon Stone though and “worship” of Hollywood stars, perhaps that was true at one time to some extent but certainly not in recent years. The last movie i went to was the 2nd Lord of the Rings movie and before that the 1st LOTR movie. And in regards to Sharon Stone herself, i don’t think i ever saw her in anything other than a 2-part episode of Magnum PI and a few minutes of a movie called King Solomon’s Mines that she starred in.

But that has been the case with just about every “celebrity” that has appeared in my dreams, that their name is meant to symbolically suggest something. For instance, one of the early dreams had Shepard Smith in it (a news anchor on FoxNews). Now i hardly ever watched him on there, was not a particular fan of his, and at the time of this dream i had pretty much stopped watching any news channel for probably half a year or more and only followed the news on the net. I’m certain he was “cast” into my dream only for the symbolism of his name. (He had been standing near the pool filter, he was talking but i don’t remember what he was saying, then i noticed there was a snake between him and myself but then the snake slithered away…perhaps i should post that dream here sometime, along with the follow up dream i had later that night, for it is interesting i think how my analysis of these dreams kept changing. At the moment though i’m short of time as i have to get ready to go off on a short trip).

I have been working on sharing another dream (even though i have been keeping a ‘dream journal’ things in there are scattered somewhat with going back and analyzing previous dreams and changing my interpretation, plus i have to make some edits to make it write-up clearer to someone who didn’t experience the dream). Actually two dreams that i think tie in together. They took place about a year or so ago. I was hesitating whether to post them here (there is a sort of naked feeling in revealing dreams that seem to go down to the very essence of your being) but these dreams work with in further showing the symbolic nature of names in my dreams.

The dashes (–) between lines represents different entries either later that day or more often on a different day. So there might be days or even weeks between entries, which is why i sometimes repeat a point that i had made earlier but had forgotten about.



other than bracketed comments, this is pretty much exactly as i originally recorded these dreams and my analysis of them…i hope it isn’t too hard to read, if so i could “spruce up” any further dreams that i might post about here…

  1. i awoke from a dream this morning, for the first time in a long time (other than the very brief “operation” dream)…as usual, part of the dream is lost to me…what i remember is that we (i’m not exactly sure who else made up the “we”) had been in a car…we then got out and then we were on a train or a bus…and i remember seeing President Bush and Hilary Clinton and perhaps another politician or two…then i was sitting across from Mrs. Clinton and as best i can remember she was talking about having traveled with my parents on the train/bus and then she said she wished she could have seen [an older relative of mine], and i interrupted her by saying that somehow i knew she was going to say his name (and at the time i was astonished by this, astonished that i could have known what she was going to say)…then i remember going off the bus/train and seeing my dad as he was waiting in line preparing to go aboard…i asked him if i should go with them (i believe mom had been and was still on the bus/train) but he said no, there was no need for me to go (or words to that effect)…then i picked up whatever i had with me (i don’t remember what they were, some kind of tools or silverware perhaps, something metallic it seems) and carried them in one of my hands…then i took off running, but i was having a hard time of it and i saw that i was running through sand…but i kept striving forward and suddenly i was free of the sand and then was running upon a grassy stretch of land and was running very fast and easy now…further ahead along the path i saw a car, perhaps the same one from earlier in the dream, but it was parked sideways on the path (a grassy strip with trees on either side, like a wide swath cut through the woods) but there was room to go pass it on the right side and that was where i was heading when i awoke…

the first possible symbolism that came to me upon waking was [my relative], who was a fireman and who lives north of the border in Canada…so perhaps his name came up in order to direct my attention to crossing the border in a spiritual sense [this thought is related to an earlier dream] and perhaps something to do with a cleansing fire…but why Hilary? and why a bus/train? and why did i leave it and take off running? perhaps Hilary and the other politicians represented ties to worldly matters, that i need to turn away from such concerns, need to break free…and perhaps dad was saying that it is okay to break free…perhaps the sand represented how hard it can be to break free but that if you keep struggling through it then things will eventually become easier…but why the car? a thought that occurred to me almost immediately upon waking was that the car had blocked the left side of the grassy path, leaving the right side open…so was this then a symbolic way of saying “this is the right path”?..also it seemed to me that i was running eastward, though i don’t know why it seemed that way…

  1. in this dream a famous actress (Kristie Alley…it took me a while after waking to recall her name) was being interviewed with someone who seemed to be her husband and he was talking about reading the Catechism and the Bible…[as with Sharon Stone, i hardly ever watched Kristie Alley, she wasn’t anywhere on my ‘radar’ screen so to speak]…

Kristie Alley? why her? …perhaps this name is to literally suggest an alley or path…a way…that the way to go is to read the Catechism and the Bible?

i was thinking about the cars in the dreams [cars have occurred repeatedly in my dreams]…what do they represent? a car is a mechanical device…it could represent or be symbolic of a driving force…driving forces…guiding forces?..and the dream with the train/bus…is it that the train represents one type of driving force but not one that i should be driven by?..a train/bus is mass transportation as opposed to a car…telling me to turn away from the masses? go a different route? much like the dream with the Shepherd and the snakes perhaps…and my dad, perhaps he represents how i keep trying to leave that train/bus with all its worldly concerns (as perhaps represented by Hilary) but that i keep feeling obligated to go with my dad, to not leave him and mom…but in the dream i asked him if he needed me to go with them on the train/bus and he said no, it wasn’t necessary (or words to that effect)…and i started to run off in another direction but it was difficult at first to completely break free from the connection to dad and to mother and to others worldly concerns but i kept struggling through the sand until finally i made it to the grassy ground and could go much faster, much easier…then i came to a wide grassy path in the woods and a car was there but was parked sideways, so that part of the path was blocked but the right side of the path was open…so perhaps symbolizing that this was the right path to take…and the car represented one of the driving forces? guiding forces?

and then the next dream, Kristie Alley (alley=path) and her companion were talking about the Bible and the Catechism…that this too is the right path? [continued in next post]



i wonder if Hilary was there in order to turn my mind to Hilary Edmund, the first man to climb Everest…this reminds me of the dream with Olympia Snowe…to keep going up…to keep looking up…to keep climbing…to turn from the well-traveled path, from the worldly path, and to seek out the path that i am being guided to follow…

also at some point i need to thoroughly accept the apparent fact that i am of no use to anyone upon the Bus/Train path, that i am not needed there…that there is no reason to hold back…instead i should fully throw myself upon the other path where perhaps i can be useful/fruitful by going whither the Holy Spirit would lead me…

dreams…parables…layer upon layer…slowly revealing…representations…symbolism…the language of the Holy Spirit? how the Holy Spirit chooses to communicate to us?

more on the Kristie Alley dream…why was it her companion who spoke of the Bible and the Catechism and not her? i remember that the companion was on the left…thus, the “alley” was on the right…the right way…the Bible and the Catechism are the right way…

thinking more about the train/bus dream and it occurred to me that if Hilary = mountain climbing/is meant to be suggestive of mountain climbing (she claimed at one time to have been named after Edmund Hilary), then perhaps this could reveal what i may have been carrying with me…her middle name is Rodham…Rodham is suggestive of rods…and the impression i had initially upon waking is that what i had been carrying was something shiny, perhaps metallic…metal rods then? as in, climbing rods/spikes? is the dream then saying that i must turn away from the mass of humanity, turn from that path, in order to climb higher upon the spiritual journey? to go in a different direction, to go where the tools i am carrying, that i have been given, where they can be used, can be useful?

another thought…the train…could it represent train of thought? in other words, that i must turn away from the train of thought that is always preoccupied with humanity and with worldly concerns in order to ascend closer to the Holy Spirit?

[just had perhaps a new insight into that dream…for some reason it never occurred to me to consider a connection between the name Kristie and Christ (i have to admit that at the time of this dream i was much more focused on the Holy Spirit than on Christ)…i never even considered the possibility of her first name being significant, instead i was focused exclusively on “alley” but of course the name Kristie comes from Christ (i say “of course” but i was blind to the connection until just now)…thus with this in mind perhaps that dream was saying that the Bible and the Catechism are the way (alley) to Christ?]



Holy souls close to God die a death of white martyrdom. Have you ever heard of white martyrdom?



((((Bridge)))) and ((all))… you are very much in touch with your dreams and how Spirit speaks to you-- the “names” that have meanings rather than the personna is how you will be able to identify “who” is the author of the message…most spiritual path messages are from angels or Divinity…if you see numbers-especially times…you will be able to find your answer/ message- in chapter and verse- you might have to do some footwork for the exact book- but once you find it you’ll know it…often chapter and verse is “mirrored” so the numbers could be reversed… example …2:14 could also be 14:2…as I said- you’ll know it when you see it-remember these messages come from LOVE-there is nothing sinister in them- if you allow fears etc to be injected- your message will be distorted…the good news is dreams with messages will repeat in some manner- until you get the message…and then the dreams will change to the next message… (((Bridge)))) the car is you… if you are not driving yourself- someone else is calling the shots in your life-… the train/bus (commercial travel) etc- means simply you are along for the ride with like-minded people seemingly going in the same direction… while you have a particular awareness of the specialness of the names- you must also be aware that people are not always who they appear to be(the questions raised with Sharon Stone)- so again(as in Nom’s) a subtle but important message to discern the spirit first… I’ll have to stop back- I have someone in the hospital so I haven’t had much time to post…but will try to get to some of the other dreams when I can…(((hugs)))



No I have never heard of “white martyrdom” but I would *love *to hear about it now. Please? :o



JCnMe says “the “names” that have meanings rather than the personna is how you will be able to identify “who” is the author of the message,” which is interesting. I’d never heard about that. In my dreams in general names don’t often enter into them. But with this in mind, is it too much to say that “Stone” could be read as “foundation”? (Peter “The Rock” upon which Jesus built the Church). Now we not only have True Light versus darkness, but true foundation vs. false foundation?

And as you say about Hollywood stars worship: “that was true at one time to some extent but certainly not in recent years.” Could Sharon “Stone” appearing at your door be that she’s coming back to check on you, wondering where you’ve been? Now that you have a true foundation, the old one resurfaces to tempt you to return? Sharon Stone is often seen as “alluring.”

And with regard to the Lord of the Rings you can watch those movies *anytime *you want! Nothing evil will come of it. :smiley: (BIG Tolkien fan here!)



I’ve heard of “dry” vs. “wet” martyrdom. A “dry” martyr being someone threatened with death in the name of the Gospels but not actually killed, like Lucia (?) one of the Fatima visionaries. And “wet” martyrdom being a bloody death. I’m betting that this isn’t what you mean…



Before I post a dream for interpretation, I would like to know is it considered divination and forbidden in christianity? Thanks, Tim



((((Tim))))…look back over the posts so far- that question basically has already been addressed…:thumbsup:



Thanks, I see it addressed in post #25 concerning public and private revelation. Tim



Good and holy souls who witness to the Holy Spirit will suffer great persecutions from the world and Satan. Definitely, no doubt about it. They will die the death of a martyr, without the bloodshed on fire for Christ and persecuted to the death. In their lifetime they are confessors to their faith and suffer a kind of martyrdom, called white martyrdom. Look up white martyrdom on a good Catholic web site, like EWTN, if you need more understanding on the subject.

In my dream where I engaged in “mental gymnastics” I know that that is not the real way to Christ. My suffering and love brings me union with God, not mere mental gymnastics, although sometimes the mind can help us on the jouney (by maintaining a good humor, being open, ever searching for God and keeping our mind and heart pure we can see Him.) Also, when I mentioned “transcdenatalism” in my dream on death I mean “transcendent”, nothing philosophically dangerous.



I’m only just realizing that this is really a borderline touchy subject. Maybe I’m just nieve, but I thought dreams to be innocent enough. I PM’d a Mod asking for their take on this thread, and I’m waiting on a response. So unless a padlock descends like a lightning bolt from the sky, I think we’re safe.

I posted my two dreams, because they were so powerful to me, and I’ve always remembered them. I only have these two dreams which were significant enough to me (and had significance for me beyond the normal scope of the average dream) to seek out others that may have had similar significant dreams.

With the magic (magik) of Divination, you are not a passive receiver. With magik in general, the “occultist” seeks to command another entity (angels or demons), to do their will, to show them hidden things or knowledge, hidden things that should not be revealed, which God has not revealed. And so a diviner is the enemy of faith, hope and trust in God whom reveals according to His Will and not our will.

But when I had my dreams, I was a receiver of something I didn’t ask for, something I didn’t even know that I wanted to know. There was no pride in it, no desire to circumvent God’s revelation (and on that level I suppose it could be called “private revelation” which the Catechism doesn’t forbid, but does forbid promulgation). What I dreamt about did not go against scripture or the teachings of the Holy Church, but seemed to me a sign from God about my future, about my mission and ministry, and they have consoled me as much as they have puzzled me. I really feel like I’m nearer to understanding them now.

I really don’t take this lightly. I hope no one thinks we’re practicing magik or psychology without a license on this thread. We’re not making a diagnosis on anyone. I made it clear in the OP that I hoped the thread would only include “spiritual dreams” rather than teeth-falling-out dreams. Spiritual dreams usually bring with them a kind of imperative for the receiver, a desire to understand them, a “need” to understand them.

If you have a dream to post, TOP we would love to hear it and pray about it (at least I would). That’s what I’ve been doing. And I’ve read the dreams posted here more as a literary interpretation rather than a divinition. I ponder the symbolism, make connections about the “narrative” of the dream, and offer my take on it back to the dreamer, for as it has already been said, the dreamer is the last word on the significance of a dream.

So remember, none of us here claim to be “experts” (well, I at least am an expert in literary interpretation having taught college writing classes, but that’s it) but we are prayerful, we have tried to offer basic insights or reactions to the dreams, but overall we’ve let the dreamer have the final say. Am I representing this thread well? There are dreams on the thread I’m still thinking and praying about. This isn’t coming as quickly as I thought. But where I fail, someone else chimes in and thus so far it has been a community effort, which is healthy.

I also see this as being like the gift of tongues as St. Paul describes it. One person in the group makes an “utterance” and someone else receives the grace of interpretation. A parallel can be drawn I think. Certainly no one on this thread is forced to believe what another may say about their dream.

I hope I’ve said enough. I didn’t mean for this post to be so long :o.


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