Anyone up on art?


My brother and I are planning an ‘art tour’ of Rome and Florence in 2010. We’ve both seen the Vatican Museums and would go again.

Anyone know of good books about art in Italy? Something I could read to prepare? To figure out just what we want to see and learn some background on the artists?

Actually, it’ll be an art, food and wine tour :thumbsup: .


I doubt it’s still there, but when I went to Rome years ago, there was a Dali exhibition that was just spectacular. See if you can find out what’s being displayed in the galleries now – that might give you a better idea of what to look for.


Totally green with envy here. :smiley:

(I do have a signed Dali Don Quixiote Litho though!)

Sorry I can’t help you KCT. Maybe just get a Baedecker’s (sp?) book on travel and just wing it once you get there? Or internet searches perhaps?

I would like to see more on this artist now that I have seen this movie:

I also love love love Delaroche – French yes, but has a portion of his work in Italy. My favorite painting of his hangs in the National Gallery in London. The Execution of Lady Jane Grey. There is also another fantastic piece, and I am not sure it’s location but it called La June Martyre (sp?) and it’s about a Christian Martyr.

I can’t even begin to think of the amount of beauty you’ll see in “Sacred Art.”


My brother and I both like Caravaggio’s works, so we’ll certainly see him.

My library had what looked like some good books, so I put them on hold.

One was about art and travel in Italy.

#5 has a great section on Italy. It focuses more on architecture, but in Italy, much of the great art is still in churches anyway.


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