Anyone use the Apple Card?

Anyone here use the Apple Card and have thoughts on their experience? I’m considering applying for one myself. Not referring to Apple Pay but the new revolutionary Apple Card

There isn’t anything revolutionary about it. I have one…it’s a credit card. You have to apply and you are given a spending limit and a rate which varies depending on the usual criteria. You do get cash back on purchases from Apple and several other retailers but there are better rates out there.

What is nice about it is that you can see your charges immediately in your wallet on the iPhone and get all the details you might need. Since the card itself has no numbers on it, when making an online purchase you have to go into the wallet and find the card number…the first time I had to do this, I had trouble locating it but now I know where to look. To make payment there is a circle with your total charged and you just swipe to the amount you want to pay…all the way up to what is your total.

The card being titanium is actually a problem and they are recommending keeping it in a cover that won’t scratch it! Since I can pay with my phone anyway, I never carry the physical card. Final thought…it’s a credit card, no more and no less than any other.


I don’t need any more credit cards. The rewards cards I have are fine. Apple gets enough of my money.


I’m thinking about getting a BestBuy card.

I thought about it and decided to be content with the cards I already have.

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