Anyone want to make more Catholic works available on Librivox? is a rather wonderful site that aims to make public domain works available as MP3 files.

I was thinking it was a shame that there’s so much Catholic content that could be there, but isn’t. For example, people have floated the ideas of recroding ‘Apologia pro Vita Sua’ by Newman, the works of St. Irenaeus and ‘The Story of a Soul’, by St. Therese of Lisieux, but at the moment, none of these projects have got off the ground.

If anyone was willing to volunteer, or even just to show interest in these projects, they’d be helping to create a very worthwhile resource for sharing the faith.

The proposed projects I mentioned are here.

Well, if anyone does want to contribute, they’ve started work on ‘Against Heresies’ by St. Irenaeus:

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