Anyone watch Bones last night?

If anyone watched Bones this past Tuesday, did you catch the conversation about sexual “fetishes”? Bones asked Booth in the car “why are you being so judgemental?” (about a group of people who played pony for sexual arousal). His response was “When you turn someone into an object of sexual pleasure, that’s wrong.” I know that there aren’t too many Bones fans on here, but even though the main characters’ lives aren’t perfect, at least there is some respect (not-bashing) of the Catholic Church and morals.

I don’t watch the show often, but I’ve gathered that Booth is a devout Catholic, who attends Mass weekly, believes in all the teachings, and follows them. So often on tv a character will say they’re a certain religion, but there will be no evidence of it, or they’re be an object of ridicule. I like that they’re doing something different here.

I missed this week’s episode, though what you describe doesn’t surprise me given previous revelations about Booth’s religious beliefs.

I like when Booth and Bones were in the diner talking about love making vs. “******” s * x (sorry my filter is so strong that word will not show up!). I wish I could remember the whole conversation, but it was really quite eloquent.
Such a good show! I wish more people watched it.

I watch it and throughly enjoy it.:slight_smile:

I watch the show form time to time. It seems like when I do watch it Dr. Brennan is putting down religion. IIRC, last season at the end on one episode Booth and Brennan were sitting in a Catholic Church. She was trying to ask him all kinds of questions; he just to her to be quiet and listen–or something like that.

Thanks for reminding me about this show. I went back and watched the last three episodes online at

What did you think? I like how they said that the Knights od Columbus are a good society and that they don’t glorify secret societies but point out their evilness.

Yep, I did. Great episode. I’m quite certain that either one of the writers or someone pretty high up in production of Bones is Catholic. I liked Booth’s “altar boy” explanation on why he understood the Latin above the crypt. I would think that Catholics (I’m not Catholic, FYI) would like the show because Booth is a Catholic and they don’t portray him as being up on some pedestal or as corrupt like a lot of the media does. I know some sisters who watch and enjoy the show.

I am enjoying this ongoing plot line. I also find it interesting the way they play off Booth’s Catholicism against Bones’ not very thoroughly thought through aetheism. I may be reading too much into things, but I see some willingness to consider some things outside her previously-held opinions.

Watching Booth teach Bones is like watching a parent teach a child. He is not only teaching her about faith, but in the process also teaches her about manners. Fr. Corapi said that the Hell’s Angels have more faith than many in the pews. Looking at how the not-so-holy-nor-innocent people in Bones life (Booth and her dad) have no problems with believing in God and have reverence for those things and people that are holy kind of proves the point that sometimes it’s the sinners who have the faith that those who base everything on logic, intellect, and proof seem to lack.

Isn’t Booth is his early thirties? He would have been born around 1972. He would have been an “altar boy” well after the promulgation of the the Novus Ordo. When did he learn Latin as an altar boy? Did he grow-up in an indult parish? <;-).>

I love bones and the Bones Brennan/ Boothe talk baout God and philosophy is great. I’m still watching the first season though. :slight_smile: LOL Too busy with real life :slight_smile:

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