Anyone watch The Big Questions? (BBC)

Anyone watch this?

This time they were debating the recent goings on in Libya, the meaning of marriage in modern UK, and the future of the CofE.
Incredibly frustrating, especially with the “Catholic” member of this panel. And the traditional Christians always get booed.
Nevertheless, an interesting show. I just wish they gave the questions a bit more time - they always give up when a good point is about to be made.

I watched The Big Questions. I could not believe when Christina Odone said in response to the Ordinariate that the Catholic Church may accept women Priests one day so if that is the reason why people are leaving the Church of England the Catholic Church may change too.

Peter Tatchell said near the end the Church condoned slavery, that is not true, Popes spoke out against slavery, statements were given by different Popes and people continued it through disobedience.

Why does every discussion have to go to homosexuality and women priests. :shrug:

The Big Questions always seem to have the worst representatives for religion. It’s so sad to see those opposing women bishops and gay marriage be labelled as intolerant, old fashioned or misogynistic.
The comments of the minsters about these issues were appalling - shame on the CofE for ordaining them.

Who do you mean in particular?

I just did and thanks for the link. What is frustrating about these shows is that the BBC is never one to pick a suitable spokesperson for the Catholic Church. I reckon, a member of CAF could argue the Catholic position against gay “marriage” and women priests much better than Odone.

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