Anyone watch the show supernatural?

Do you think it portrays the apocalypse and angels and demons correctly? Do you notice biblical inaccuracies? I heard it very very biblically inaccurate

I have found it to be a program that is mostly for the marketing a different book, CD, or other product every week. If you want good information on Revelation, go to the program section at EWTN and look for Theology Roundtable with Colin Dexter (not sure if the name is accurate) that was shown on tv either late in 2011 or early this year. It was a two-part show as I recall and the information was Biblical and understandable for a non-Theologian or Escatologist. No hype, no fluff, no junk being sold.

A post script to the above, one of the panel members, not the presenter, had a nervous laugh that was inconsistent with his serious message, but being a nervous person in front of a camera myself I just tried to ignore it.

I watch Supernatural and thoroughly enjoy it for its entertainment value. Some aspects I feel they portray fine, others not so much. I’m okay with the way they portray the demons, not so much with the Angels, especially throughout season 6. The portrayal of the Apocalypse was not biblical at all but I did like how Lucifer was cast. I trust in my faith and don’t look to the show for any guidance of faith it’s just entertaining television.

I love Supernatural, but it is completely fiction. Anyone who looks to a fictional show for spiritual guidance has a problem with their faith.

I’m terrified to watch it- A few shows I saw a few years back made sure I wouldn’t watch it any more. But I don’t like any horror films or series depicting demons and evil spirits so…:shrug:

I think I may have a different program in mind, one shown on The Church Channel, so my answer may not actually apply to the question asked by the OP.

Supernatural airs on the CW channel. It is about two brothers who hunt and destroy demons. It’s actually kinda scary at times. It’s pretty funny too, and I really like the relationship between the brothers. It’s a well done show I think.

I thought this thread was about that Sid Roth show.

After last Fridays episode, I do like how they make the distinction that Angels are a separate species from human.

Knowing the Christian faith as much as I do made it nearly impossible for me to get into it.

I don’t think they are really trying to follow any sort of faith to the T, but it made it hard for me to get into the plot when it seemed so fabricated. I don’t know :shrug:

Ite in pace,

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