Anyone watch "Too Cute"?

Hello, everyone!

I was just watching an episode of “Too Cute” on Animal Planet and was wondering if anybody else is getting a Major Cute Overload from this program! Even when I’m feeling horribly depressed, this program is guaranteed to bring a smile to my face! Any other fans out there???

When I watch, I always think about how cool it would be to have the grace to communicate with animals. Yeah, there are “animal intuitives” out there, usually “New Age” quacks though. Besides St. Francis (of course), St. Anthony, and Padre Pio, were there any other saints that had that ability? (Dr. Doolittle is not a saint!)

Love to hear from you!

I saw a preview for it the other day and it looks really cute!

I guess I should see it to get my kawaii (cute) overload fix…:stuck_out_tongue:

I love that show! I loved the episode where they featured the mixed breed kittens whose mom was a stray that was taken in.

Hooray! I knew there was a softie for kittens and puppies out there somewhere! Keep up the “oohing and ahhing”!:extrahappy:

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