Anyone watching any religious films this weekend?

I’m watching my two favorite Jesus films. The Passion Of The Christ for Good Friday, and Jesus Of Nazareth for Easter Sunday. How about all of you?

We’re watching Jesus Of Nazareth today, tomorrow, and probably Sunday (6 hours :eek:). It’s my first time seeing it. My wife has been trying to get me to watch it for years. She wins :stuck_out_tongue:

I watched The Passion of the Christ. It is so tough to watch, but realistically depicts the suffering our Lord went through.

I recently watched Megiddo: The Omega Code 2, amazingly for what I assume to be funded by either Protestants or non-denominational Christians it was greatly Pro-Catholic. It showed how far the Anti-Christ went to blaspheme the sacred sacraments such as Communion which too me shows that Satan knows in the power of the Church and would do anything to assault it.

Also no rapture heresy in it which pleased me greatly, that’s definitely the one thing that would make me not bother with a Christian film about the End of Days. I find the concept of “I don’t deserve a final test, but those other sinners do!” to be very self-centered.

Finally Micheal York as the Anti-Christ, I mean come on I can’t think of a better charismatic person to play the greatest deceiver!

I just watched some scenes from The Passion of The Christ. I was scared to watch it but then after I was looking at the Stations of the Cross in my parish, I just went ahead and watched it. After the weekend, I’m going to watch Jesus of Nazareth again.

My family and I watch the Passion on Good Friday together. It always brings lots of tears and good conversation/questions. Then we visit here to find the answers:)

Part of ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’, part of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ (yes, some don’t like it, but I never fail to be moved by the scene of Jesus’ final trial before Pilate, scourging and crucifixion)

And a rather interesting movie called ‘Barabbas’ with Anthony Quinn. One of the rare ones which begins with the crucifixion and then imagines what happened to Barabbas afterward. Of course he eventually becomes Christian.

I watched Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ” last night. It was one of the most gory movies I have ever seen, bar none. It actually had me in tears! The agony that Christ went through to atone for our sins was horribly real, and I am quite sure that Gibson did not exaggerate the violence, considering the violent society that existed in the pagan Roman the time of Christ.
The fact that Christ and the Apostles spoke Aramaic amongst themselves, and they and the Priests of the Temple spoke to the Romans in Greek, and the Romans used Latin amongst themselves lent a great deal of realism to the movie.

I’ve never seen the Passion of The Christ from beginning to end, so I’m definitely going to make an effort this weekend

No, I have no time =(

I would have liked to watch the Passion and Jesus of Nazareth. I’ve never watched Jesus of Nazareth all the way through.

I first watched the Passion a couple of Wednesday’s ago. I might not watch it again this weekend. But TCM is playing a few different ones. Two of which Lily has listed that I’ve set up to record. I’m also hoping to catch Song of St. Bernadette.

Yes, The Shoes Of The Fisherman and possibly Exorcist II: The Heretic!


I’m not watching a movie this year; I pulled out my copy of the History Channel’s “The Story of the Twelve Apostles”. :cool:

We watched The Bible and Jesus Christ Superstar already. We’ll watch The Ten Commandments sometime between tonight and tomorrow. And maybe Easter Parade (yeah, not religious, but we usually watch it each year).

I just finished “the Passion of the Christ,” and I am sooo glad I watched it. Amazing

There are some great scenes I remember from that movie. I love when they lower the paralyzed man through the roof and Peter’s expression as they ruin his house!

And a classic is when Jesus is dining with tax collector Matthew and Peter is mad at Him for it, and Peter listens while Jesus tell Matthew and his guests the story of the prodigal son, and it impacts Peter and he speaks for all of us as we encounter the loving merciful God when he very contritely says, ‘Forgive me Lord, for I am but a stupid man.’

And when Peter denies Jesus the third time and looks at Jesus through the fire - their eyes meet - one can feel the sense of betrayal that overcomes Peter when he realizes Jesus heard his denial.

A great flick.

Note how the actor playing Jesus never blinks his eyes in the movie, for the effect of commanding authority!

God bless you.

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