Anyone wear head coverings full time (outside of Mass)?


I haven’t been around the forums for a while but have been peeking back in now and then lately. About a year and a half ago or so I felt like I was being called to cover my head full time. I’d been feeling a nagging about it when going to Mass for a long time and when I finally gave in to it, felt like I should be doing it all the time. I generally wear a simple bandana type scarf, folded in a half and then tied at the nape of my neck, under my hair. I have nicer scarfs for dressier days and/or for Mass but it’s still tied the same way. For the longest time I couldn’t even explain really why I felt like I should be wearing it but knew that I needed to. I didn’t realize how much it meant to me until I was asked to remove it for a driver’s license photo and found that I just couldn’t do it. Initially I did it but felt like I was getting my picture taken half-dressed. I argued my point that it was for religious reasons and got to have my photo retaken. Since then I’ve been able to formulate a little better why I feel this need and the best answer I can come up with is that it keeps me more focused on how God sees me rather than how the world sees me. My natural tendency is to be vain. I spent a lot of years worrying about how I looked and spending a great deal of time primping and fixing. Now I can get out the door in 10 min if necessary. God has worked on me a great deal! But that natural tendency is still there and I think that this head covering is related to it somehow. Anyway, I’m just wondering if there is anyone else out there who does this.

God bless, Jen


I have not heard of this practice. Are you Catholic? Or is this for another religion?


I live near a city with the largest Arabic population outside the middle east. I see Muslim women wearing headscarves all the time, it doesn’t phase me. I also used to live in Amish country & saw many Christian women wearing headscarves.
This is a free country, you can do what you want:)


The custom came up for instinctively intelligent rationale that seems to never be discussed, but rather deferred as merely a tradition.

Covering one’s head is inherently an act of submission to something higher. Even those who wear hats just to hide from the world are displaying that they sense something to hide from.

It is an act of humility and submission.

In a Church, the hat is removed as a sign of openness, willing exposure, and honesty to that higher power.

I also always wear a hat. :smiley:


Then why is it the opposite for women? That is to say, if they wear a hat to church they keep it on in church, and do not remove it. Do they not have to show openness, willing exposure and honesty?


Interesting responses so far. Yes, I am Catholic lay person, wife, mother of 7, homeschooler. I consider myself fairly normal, whatever normal is! I guess I was hoping to find some lay Catholic apostalite or lay religious order whose women do this. Obviously it’s a free country and all that, it’s just nice to know if there are others out there who feel likewise. I will await more responses. Thanks to those who have contributed so far!

God bless, Jen


Please take this question to a different thread - or refer to one that has already been discussed. I really don’t want this to be a debate thread or explanatory of head coverings. I was simply looking for other women who feel as I do.

Thanks and God bless, Jen


I think it’s a wonderful idea. I was just trying on scarves yesterday. I doubt I’ll be covering any time soon because I won’t be in communion with the Church until Easter and no ladies at the church I attend wear a head covering. I have a feeling I might be looked at as either holier-than-thou or a kookie traditionalist. I can easily imagine getting to the internal/spiritual place where I want to cover all the time.


You are not alone. There are email lists dedicated to Catholic women who feel a call to modesty and have started covering. I’m also on a list for women of all faiths who have felt this call, in this immodest world we live in. I made the switch to dresses/skirts 1 1/2 years ago and am starting to cover also, though I am “experimenting” with different scarves, bandannas, snoods, etc. But not hijab, lol.
As Our Lady predicted at Fatima, many styles will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much. I don’t feel it is required of us, because there are modern saints like St. Gemma Galgani and Zelie Martin (mother of St. Therese) that are photographed without headcoverings, but of course both are modestly dressed. I consider covering an act of reparation.


I too have been discerning the idea of covering full time. I feel called to it definitely, but am trying to figure out a few things. First, scarves don’t stay on my head (I have straight fine hair that makes everything fall off, even bobby pins). So I have been trying to find something workable that will relatively stay on. Second, my beloved husband who definitely understands why I feel called to cover during mass so far is not very thrilled with head covering all the time.

At mass, I am usually the only person with a head covering. I have no idea what others think of me. Do they think I am holier than thou? Traditionalist? I don’t know. Since I go to the youth mass at my parish, I assume most do not even know why I am wearing a head covering, unless they are older. Then, honestly, I still don’t know how they feel unless they tell me.

I certainly do my best to smile at my brothers and sisters and show the light of Christ in love more when I wear a headcovering. Another reason I am trying to find a way to wear one every day, I want to be always reminded to show the light of Christ more. I am not sure that this answers anything, but since we seem on close to the same journey I thought I would share.

In the love of Christ,


:yup: I cover full time, for the same reason - an act of reparation, particularly for what I refer to as my ‘floozy period’ of my life. I started covering full time regularly last Advent.


Until a couple of weeks ago, I covered full time from New Year’s Day. Usually I wear hats (I have a pretty great collection, including a fedora and a Greek fishing hat) or a silk square bandana tied in a similar manner as described by the OP. I don’t really know why I stopped covering, except perhaps some severe pain I’ve experienced recently had something to do with it. In either case, I am starting back full time tomorrow (or rather, today).

My main reason has to do with one of St. Paul’s epistle exhorting women to cover when praying or prophesying… and since we’re supposed to be praying without ceasing, then it made sense for me to cover full time. I also like to wear hats and scarfs, and nothing really overtly “religious” because I feel that besides the occasional comments of “cool hat” or “nice scarf”, having to explain why I was covered would defeat the purpose of not being boastful with what I’m doing. I don’t know, that’s just me. YMMV

In either case, to cover or not to cover… one has to discern whether or not God may be calling her to do so. We all have crosses and callings to follow, and I cannot follow your calling like you cannot follow mine. I will, however, pray that someone else is able and willing to fulfill their own calling.


I’ve been thinking about covering full time. I like the way it keeps me focused, I feel closer to God and I feel “protected” some-how. I want to wear a manitia (sp) but I don’t have the guts yet! I have a good bible verse for covering during prayer and Mass but nothing on covering fulltime. Does anyone have anything from the bible on covering full time? Or wearing dresses only?


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