Anyone who loves his life loses it

My uncle is 93. He was divorced in his forties and has had several girlfriends since then. He’s wealthy and still drives a car. He never goes to Church, not interested in Christianity preferring to go to parties or on dates.
You could say he “lives life to the full”.
So to John 12:25. Is this gospel verse aimed at people like my uncle?

It depends on how self centered, self focused, he is.

How is he in thoughtfulness, kindness, and generosity?

He’s an extrovert. Cheerful comedian. Women of all ages just love his company. Guys too find him funny.
I’ve seen his dark side. He can fly into a rage sometimes.I wouldn’t say he’s overly kind or generous. But he does help out if you ask him. I needed a place to stay and he let me stay at his house for a few days.
He’s basically high energy even at 93.

In general, it is a bad choice to be attached to this world and not long for God. We are temporary passengers here en route to eternal life.


I think the question you’ve asked about your uncle can only be answered by the Lord. It would be judgmental on any of our parts to make some kind of determination one way or the other. I think he falls into a grey area. You don’t say he is selfish, mean, corrupt, or unfeeling and on the other hand you don’t say he has any deep seated spiritual/religious tendencies. Doesn’t seem like a bad person to me.
Guess it is going to depend on how strict or merciful the Judge will be when his time comes.

It is aimed at everyone

Only Christ can be the main focus of our lives


He’s not. He’s just not interested in the next life. He thinks this is all there is.
I think it is important we judge whether this behaviour is the kind to avoid or not. Don’t worry about personal judgements. Just what can we learn and what does the Bible verse really mean?

Tend to agree.
So maybe the ones who suffer in this life are “the chosen people”.

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GC. It is a personal belief of mine that the next life, Heaven, is the perfect response to the idea that you get out of something what you put into it. I don’t think that Heaven is static, but rather dynamic and our fulfillment will be in direct proportion to what we have invested here.
AS to your uncle’s behavior being something for a faithful person to emulate, no. One can certainly enjoy life, but I think it has to be lived in accordance with Christ’s admonition: "whatever you do for the least of my brother, you do it for me. And his admonition of giving a cup of water to a thirsty child holds true also. ON that count, I would not want to be in your uncle’s shoes.
My two cents./

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I would not go that far… some suffer some don’t

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It sounds like he merely loves life and is good at it, too. He might be quite private about his faith.

Surely the Lord did not mean that we should hate being alive. That would contradict any concept Christian joy.


That is the message I get from some Christians. We need to take up our cross daily.

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Remind him of John 12:25. Let’s pray for his soul.

I’ve observed that life has a way of making us take up our crosses whether we like it or not. I suppose the trick is knowing how to carry it and where.

Good answer. I think a lot of us think we shouldn’t be smiling as we are carrying our cross. That it is a contradiction.


The best Christians I know smile all the time. :grinning:

So a lot of us have been tricked into thinking “Jesus never smiled when He carried His cross. Why should I?” We think we are truly imitating Christ by not smiling.

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As a person of exceedingly grumpy temperament, I commend you on your discipline of not smiling. :expressionless:

And there are those of us who don’t smile and have no cross to bear either. :slight_smile:

These usually constitute the upper brass in my organization. :us_outlying_islands:

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