Anyone with a good MIL?


There are so many stories out there about bad mothers-in law and I feel very sad for those who have such terrible MIL situations. However, I am blessed to have a wonderful mother in law and I think the good ones deserve a thread, too! So post here if you have a great MIL and want to share about her!


YES!! I'm VERY blessed to have a wonderful MIL.

Now, she and I are different and we have different ways and opinions on certain things, but she's very respectful and loving and I honor and submit to her often for the sake of peace and love in the family as if she were my own mother...


My wife has a wonderful MIL.


My sisters-in-law had a great MIL. Mine was a good one also.

When my children were babies, I prayed that whoever the chose to love, I would love also. How could I not, when their partner loves my child and mine loves them? I try very hard to be a good MIL and have been told I'm "doing good." :)


Awesome MIL here as well.

Kind, loving, thoughtful and has NEVER ever stuck her nose in where it doesn't belong.

Who could ask for more?


My MIL is great. She's great with the kids and has helped us so much in so many ways. She is a Methodist pastor but has always respected my faith and we've had good conversations together about our love for God. Even though we don't see everything the same, it's nice to be able to talk openly with her on matters of faith. I know it's a longshot, but I'm hoping that sharing the truth of Catholicism with her will lead her to it..... ;)

My one complaint about her is that sometimes she doesn't speak up in extended family affairs when she really should. :shrug:

(My DH has a wonderful MIL -- he's said it himself!) :D


I have a wonderful MIL. She has always been kind and thoughtful. She never tried to tell us how to do things. She gave advise when we asked.....only occasionally giving unsolicited advice..and even that we took well as we benefited from the advice.

My son has a great MIL. She is very sweet and we have had some good times together. She is not overbearing but will be more than willing to help out if needed.

I, of course, am a wonderful MIL.(LOL)....My DIL loves me and I love her. I try not to interfere in my sons/ DIL's life too much. I ask to come over or wait for an invitation. I don't just barge in on them. I respect their privacy as they learn to be a couple. (they have been married only 2 years). I give advice when asked and keep quiet even when I have wanted to scream. (does not happen often) The kids are great kids and have a good head on their shoulders. We have a great relationship and I love and treasure my DIL.

Son in Law.....Don't ask! Apparently I'm Satan incarnate. LOL:confused:


My children's Nan ( hopefully my MIL one day soon) is wonderful. She and her family excepted me into their family when I was 19 and had a baby. She is always there to give us advice and support us. I feel very blessed!!


My MIL refuses to call me her daughter-in-law... I am one of her daughters! :D


Yes, my MIL is awesome.


I'm blessed with a great MIL, too. :D


My MIL lived with us for 14 years, but died just this last December. She was active and driving up until the last year or two of her life. It was a great blessing to have her here with us, especially when she needed some day-to-day care.

That arrangement took an unusual amount of mutual tolerance, however, or else it would have taken a tremendous amount of sacrifice. I love my own mother, but I'm not sure I could have lived with her!! My SILs have found her a wonderful MIL, too, though, so not every great MIL is a great candidate as a live-in MIL. There's nothing wrong with that.


I’m not married, nor am I am MIL but I have to SIL. They’re so much a part of the family, we all love them. They see my parents as extions of their family. It’s all rather cozy.

So that makes my mom the wonderful MIL but I’m loving being a SIL and having two SIL so I just wanted to add that.:stuck_out_tongue:


I have a fabulous MIL! :thumbsup:


Compared to others, my MIL is just awesome!

She is very "reserved" so conversation is very limited but we see eye to eye on many things and she (including FIL) has never stuck their noses into our relationship.

They've only been supportive.



Does your wife agree?

Anyway, as for me, my MIL was one of the most kind, sweet, loving, helpful and selfless people I have ever known. God could not have blessed me with a better MIL. She has dementia now and seeing her decline these past few years has been heartbreaking and tragic and awful. I miss her. We all do.


My Mother-in-Law's Pros:

  1. She's willing to let us be the rule setters with her grandchildren. If we say no candy, she never tries to sneak M&Ms to the girls. We tell the girls they can't jump on grandma's couch, she doesn't say, "Oh, that's Okay. You go ahead, girls."

  2. She's discrete. My husband came into our marriage with some debt he incurred before we married. She paid the debt, and he's paying her back. I'm not involved with it at all. I have no idea if he's paying her regularly, I have no idea what the interest on the loan is, I don't even know the exact amount she loaned him.

  3. She doesn't interfere with our parenting. If she disagrees with decisions we make, she's never told us. If we ask advice, she gives it, but other than that she stays out of it. I know, for example that she was worried when we took the girls to South Asia when they were toddlers, but she didn't have a conniption or try to interfere with our plans.

  4. She thinks I'm a great wife to her son and mother to her granddaughters. My husband said any number of times that she's told him he's lucky to be married to me. :o

  5. She's good company. She reads constantly, so she's always got something interesting to talk about. And she tells good stories about her family and about her kids when they were growing up.

  6. She has a rock solid marriage with my father-in-law. They've been married 52 years next month, and they are deeply in love and 1,000% committed to each other. I've been married to their kid for 11 years, and in that time I've never known them to have a serious fight about anything. Bicker, yes. Brawl, no. My husband says it was the same way when he was growing up.

My Mother-in-Law's Cons:

  1. She's an atheist, and she has serious disagreements with the Vatican. I think the biggest disagreement I've ever had with her was she was telling the girls when they were four or five that not everybody believed in God, heaven, angels, etc. The girls were really confused, and frankly I was furious. My husband ran interference and said she couldn't talk about religion with the girls unless it was to support their growing Catholic faith, and we've all agreed not to talk about the Holy See around each other at all.

  2. She can be too indulgent, with my husband as well as the girls. When hubby's car was getting long in the tooth, she offered to buy him a new one. I said no because I didn't want to be indebted to her like that. She's also a bit extravagant on the girl's birthday and during the holidays. She bought them really expensive dolls two Christmases back, and we weren't thrilled with her decision.

Despite her faults, I love the woman dearly. And I know she loves me. I like her company, and she mine. So, all-in-all I'm rather pleased with the old bird.:p


Yes, I have a wonderful one!

My MIL shows us nothing but kindness. She babysits my two boys, takes me out to lunch, and goes with me when I run errands so that I can have an extra pair of hands with the babies. She sometimes introduces me to people as her daughter.

She does keep to herself a lot, so it would be hard for me to say that we're extremely close. However, we do all kinds of things together--we've even taken her on a few family trips--and I can't say that we've ever argued.

When I read about so many people having problems with their MILs, I always feel very grateful for mine!


I have great in laws. I decided long ago, before I was even dating my husband, that I was going to have a good relationship with my in laws.

They made it rather easy to do.


I love my MIL also. She's ill and so can be crabby sometimes, but mostly is very sweet. She and my FIL accepted me and loved me from the beginning. We go to the mountains together every year and share a cabin for a week with no troubles at all. Such a blessing!

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