Anyone with ancestors from another culture/country?



I was cleaning up some stuffs at home and I found an old project I had done decades ago. It’s my family tree.

The countries where my forebearers came from is a mixture of east and west, though I am proudly Filipino.

I am mainly Filipino but have a sprinkling of Chinese, Spanish,
French and Portuguese. The combination of these cultures have, in part, contributed to how I see my world and act in it.

My best -friend is part Cambodian and I have other friends who have Chinese parents but are as Filipino as me.

I think, in many places in this world, cultural lines have been blurred. We are who say we are…and I say, I am Filipino, but I am proud also of my multi-cultural ancestry.

Anyone here would like to proudly share their own multi-cultural ancestry?


welcome to America you are describing a goodly percentage of our population.

English, German, Dutch, Irish, French, and a few odd relatives we don’t talk about. Catholic, Huegenot, Reformed, Lutheran, Methodist, 4-square and staunch card carrying atheist.


Very interesting mix of ancestors, puzzleannie! :slight_smile:


Me, me! :slight_smile: I’m such a mixed bag I don’t know where to start. Let’s see, I was born in South Africa, as were my parents. One grandparent was also born of Dutch ancestry in South Africa. The other three were born in England, the Isle of Man (sp?), and France with stays in Germany and Yugoslavia. Yeah, I guess that’s it in a nutshell :smiley:

My family moved to the US when I was almost 10, and we have a few relatives here (part of the reason of moving). I have lots of family in South Africa, some in Europe, and some in Australia. People in my family often move to other countries. I’m not planning on continuing that tradition though!

And I am white, for anyone who was wondering :wink: I get questioned about my race a lot–people assume I’m somehow black (I don’t think I look it!) because I’m from Africa :rolleyes:

I call myself American!


Without saying enough to be identified by people who marginally know me and might wind up here by accident, suffice to say one of my ancestors several hundred years ago was of the Asian race, while some have been Polish, some Ruthenian (with apparent Viking ancestry), some Lithuanian, probably also some Czech folks. Other nationalities are possible, but let’s not speculate too much.


Irish, Lithuanian, German, and Galician (aka Halychyna from the Carpathian Mtns., not Spain! :p) A mixture of (mostly) Catholic with a little Orthodox thrown in.

I too have traced branches of the family tree. It’s actually kind of neat, since you not only hear about your family’s roots but also the countries they were from and some history. Some of it’s enough to make my head spin. Especially the Galician branch. Galicia is one of those sections of country in Eastern Europe that switched hands so many times it’s not even funny. Suffice it to say that when my reletives came over to America, the Austrian Emporer was in control, but since then Galicia has also been part of Poland and Ukraine; the relatives would probably be classed as Ukrainians today (I know they weren’t Polish). They were quite the wild bunch, from all the stories I’ve heard…

Ok, I’m being kind of long-winded. :stuck_out_tongue: But yes, a family tree is well worth the effort and can be a lot of fun! Thanks to some of my great aunts, I can place one strand back about ten generations. :slight_smile:


I’m american so… :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

My dad is actually fully blooded Irish though his family came across in the early 1800s, they lived in a very Irish community and only married other Irish. Geneology is a big deal in our family. We’ve got books and books of family trees going all over Ireland. We’ve got letters the original 3 brothers (who immigrated) sent back home and letters from there sent to here. very interesting.

My mom on the other hand is half German and half who knows what. My Grandpa used to claim to be all kinds of things. Indian and Scottish, just everything. We don’t know for sure what he really was.

My husbands family think their roots are Welsh, but they keep promising me a copy of the family tree and never produce it. :confused:


Irish and Italian - on the Italian side I am only a second generation American! Right off the boat, so to speak!


Irish on my father’s side (he was third-generation in the U.S.) and Catalan on my mother’s; my mother came to the U.S. as a child.

My husband is Portugese (3rd generation in U.S.) and Italian (first generation).

Our grandchildren are Catalan, Irish, Portugese, Italian, Scottish, English, with a *soupcon * of Native American in the mix.


That I know of I am pretty much very American. Most of my ancestors came here in the 1600’s before we were a country. One ancestor came here from Finland in the early 1900’s. I am also from Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, and Sicily. Also, I am Cherokee. I know some of my lineage throught BC times which is how I know some of these. Since this is a Caholic forum, has anyone heard of the Hieronymus family? Yep, I’m one of them. Very famous Catholic family. St. Jerome anyone? We also have lots of martyrs burned at the stake for not being Catholic. They were Protestant before the Reformation. Also, we have two Sicilian kings in my family. Another person is Archimedes. Then there is a top general to Alexander the Great.

Most of them came here because they were kicked out of Europe in the Germany/Austria area. They were Dunkard Brethren.


German, Austrian, and French. In religious terms thats Catholic, Catholic, and Catholic- except for my great-great-great grandfather’s second cousin who was a Lutheran, but dont spread that around :wink:


this is quite interesting to read :slight_smile: i am from croatia, 100 % croatian and here we hardly ever mix between nations, and everyone is catholic and if you hear someone is protestant, it’s as if they are from a different planet :smiley: well, not quite like that, but it is very rare that a croatian is not from a catholic background.


My Mom: a German Lutheran
My Dad: an English Jew

Go figure.

Me: 1st generation American on my Dad’s side and the only Catholic EVER (well, since the reformation anyway) on both sides


How about Scot & Greek :smiley: If that is not messed up I don’t know what is ? :rolleyes: Maybe I should change my name to Durk Skeanus :wink:


Second generation American here, all recent ancestors from Italy, although one branch of the family came down from Switzerland. High likelihood of some Jewish ancestry.

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I am half Croatian, a third generation American on this side, my father’s grand-parents (all four of them) are from Petrina. :smiley: His family is all Catholic.

On my mom’s side I’m half Polish (her mom is first generation American, both grand-parents were from Warsaw (and Catholic), and never spoke English). Her dad was from Kentucky :smiley: - we think of German origin, but have not been able to trace his ancestry (he was Baptist, but never practiced).



:hug1: btw, it’s PETRINJA :wink: and if you ever decide to visit it, I would be glad to show you around :smiley:


I’m basically 50% German, 25% French, 20% English and 5% Irish. My Grandma and I do geneology, so we can go very far back. There’s a possibility that my German ancestors were either Jewish or lived in an area with a strong concentration of Jews based upon the meaning of my last name and the time when they immigrated.

And as far as we can tell they were all good Catholics, until it got to my parent’s generation! :rolleyes:

Although for some weird reason, we have one record of a family that says they’re Anglican, but we have records of this same family before and after and it lists them as Catholic. :shrug:


On my mother’s side English, Scotch, Flemish, and French. On my father’s side I’m a second generation American. His father emigrated from Italy and his mother from Albania.

All Catholics on my father’s side of the family. I’m the only Catholic on my mother’s side. The rest of them are a mixture of Presbyterian and Southern Baptist.


I’m 50% Mexican (Dad is first-generation Mexican-American), 50% hodge-podge of English, Irish, Scottish, Dutch. My husband is German, Irish, Scottish and Swedish. My best friend is a naturalized citizen, born in Vietnam. I work for a man from Wales, and along-side people from Spain, China, Japan, Korea, etc. I love this country. :slight_smile:

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