Anyone with Cherry Trees?

If you have a cherry tree, what is your recommendation on how to keep pests (not including children :p) at bay from eating/ruining the “crop”.

My friend is delighted to learn that some of the trees on her property are cherry trees but she needs a natural solution to keep the fruit flies, maggots, and other buggers away (or at least do minimal damage). Anyone have suggestions?

Thanks!!! :smiley:

We have a Montmorency (tart) cherry tree and it yields quite a bit of fruit every year. The only pests we have to deal with are birds, and we simply throw a tree net over the tree just before the cherries start to turn red.

We noticed a raccoon eating some of the ripe cherries from the bottom branches last night, but he didn’t climb the tree.

It seems to me that our cherries are really early this year (we’re in Michigan).

No fruit flies or any other sort of pests, and we never use pesticides.


I looked up natural pesticides and found this:

It says it accords with organic food industry standards and can be used in orchards.

Don’t know much about this…but thought it might be a helpful starting point.

cool deal! Thanks for the responses!! I hope she can use them! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Tobacco dust works excellent. Also you can try a dilute mixture of vineagar and water with a drop of dish soap in a spray bottle.

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