Anyone wonder why hot topic the store switched from goth to trendy merchandise?

Hot Topic is a store at the mall and before they used to have stuff like rock,punk and goth merchandise. But seems nowadays they have stuff like meme merchandise and such and the inside of the stores aren’t dark anymore,but are very bright.

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I googled a bit.
It is a change in trends. They seem to be focusing on video games and memes as you say. A different market target.
And if you allow my 2 cents, dark as goth isn t trendy anymore.Won t sell that much.

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Goth In A Box.

Naturally , “real” goths disdained Hot Topic.

The hippie equivalent is the Habitat store.


LOL “My Immortal”.



I have noticed that Spencer’s has changed as well. I remember one time when they used to have stuff like dragons,wizards and medieval stuff in the store,bought a few dragons from them when they had them.

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Hot Topic has always had whatthe trend is or what the last trend was. Sometimes they were a little slow with the latest thing. A lot of the time?

Hot Topic hasn’t been particularly “goth” in years.
In addition, the shop in my hometown that was known all across the region for being the “goth” place to go for about 25 years recently went out of business.

I suspect the fact that all the goths I know are now between about 30 and 60 years old has something to do with this.

As for Spencers, in my day it was where people bought drug-related merchandise and soft core porn. I’m truly amazed they still even have shops left open.

The hot topic in my town seems to look a lot like Hollister and A & F

This thread reminds me of when the goth kids in South Park burned down Hot Topic.

Anyways, I remember Hot Topic being more emo and scene than goth.

Yeah, I always thought of Hot Topic as the place to buy emo/ screamo kid wear. Of course all the emo kids are pushing 30 at least now. If not 40.

I wonder if anyone remembers when you would see goths hanging out on the street or inside the mall near hot topic back in the days?

The goths in my town didn’t drive or take the bus two towns over to a dying mall to stand around in front of the Hot Topic. They stood around in front of the local goth club on Saturday night like normal people.

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Must be that they were still young,the ones who stood outside the store in the mall

Hot topic was pretty good for graphic T’s. Is it still like that? (I avoid malls like the plague)

One year I knocked myself out trying to get on their site to buy some T’s at their big Black Friday T sale because I specifically wanted one with a cat on it. After FINALLY managing to get the cat shirt when it was in stock (because they kept selling out and restocking) I got notified that the shirt was actually sold out. I don’t remember what happened after that except I ended up receiving 3 or 4 of the cat shirt in different sizes. That was the last time I bought T’s from them.

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You could give them away as presents :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup. I think those elder goths were right. Seems after they got rid of that stuff,all the mall goths seem to have vanished. I think they were poseurs.

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Maybe rent is getting expensive and they need to be able to attract more customers than they currently attract.

How many Panic and the Disco tees can they stock?

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I heard years ago Aeropostle or someone like that bought them, but I don’t know for certain that was the case.

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