Anything morally wrong about this...?


I have an interest in ancient cultures, and I also love to make portraits of people, so naturally I’ve decided I’d like to make some drawings of ancient people from history. The dilemma I have is that I’m wondering if it would be in any way wrong, like idolatry or something, to depict an ancient person who was considered by their people and by themselves as being a “god” on earth (such as Egyptian kings). Would this be wrong if I’m only drawing the person and not trying to make an “idol” out of them or depict them as something to worship? Also, what about drawing a pagan god from history that was merely fantasy and never existed as a real person? Would that be wrong as long as you weren’t trying to make an idol out of it?

Thanks for any help, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


As long as you’re not using it as a God, there is nothing wrong with drawing an ancient king. If you like to draw people of ancient times go for it.


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