Anything on Lent for a non-Christian?


I am thinking about practicing Lenten customs or spirit even though I’m not Christian.

Do you know of any books or DVDs that are for non-Christians on this?

I know there’s stuff about Rosaries for Protestants.

It can be from a secular perspective or a spiritual perspective. Do you think I could get something out of practicing Lenten customs even if not Christian?

I don’t have any religious creed.


Lent mainly about pray, almsgiving and fasting & abstinence.
By doing so, we can control our acts, thoughts and our selves better.

That’s all I can write for now… :slight_smile:


By not having any religious creed do you mean you don’t believe in belonging to any organized religion or that you are an atheist?

If you are not an atheist then what do you believe?

The short answer is it probably would be a good thing since it might end up making you realize why being a Christian is a good thing.


I believe in an Indescribable God who takes care of the world through creatures. So he takes care of animals on earth by hoping man will be responsible for the planet’s environment. He takes care of man, maybe by arranging the initial conditions of the Big Bang so that some advanced alien race would end up evolving before man that would watch over man from a distance until first contact could be made.

I think Christianity can be a good stop in a spiritual journey but for me I feel like the imagery is inspirational but that I’ve matured spiritually beyond that. But I think it can be helpful for many people.

I just thought Lent might help me practice more self-discipline and control.


I think Christianity can be a good stop in a spiritual journey but for me I feel like the imagery is inspirational but that I’ve matured spiritually beyond that.

Curious idea–that you think you’ve become more spiritually mature than Jesus Christ.


As practiced by Catholic Christians, Lent has two aspects. One is “negative” – to identify something that we’d like to improve in ourselves. The other is “positive” – to do something that will help me to grow or to help others.

Lent is typically a time when we fast, eating less or cutting out favorite foods in order to improve on our tendency to overeat and to identify with those in our world who are often hungry). Another lenten practice is giving money to the poor or volunteering to help the poor or underprivileged in some way. A third type of lenten practice is to take extra steps to draw nearer to God through prayer, reading the bible, and so on.

For a non-Christian, any of these typical practices are possible. Many people fast from one meal a day or one day a week and give the money to a charitable organization. See, for example, Oxfam’s Fast for a World Harvest at the following link: Or you can volunteer at a local food pantry or soup kitchen or some other organization that helps the poor, hungry, children at risk, etc. Even if you’re not a Christian, you can learn a lot about being a better human being from reading the life of Jesus in the gospel according to Matthew or John in the bible, for example. Hey, we might even find you back on the message board as a brand new follower of Jesus!


Hello there, You certainly can get something out of it. If you do it for Jesus I’m sure he will reward you. And handsomely reward you. Be sure to pray to him as part of your lent and he’ll bless you. Do a little study of the catholic faith too. God bless and I’ll include you in my lent. :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


There are many things you can do to have a Lentful Lent!

  • You can try to curb your self-control by not eating a favorite food, or not watching tv, or some other obession or indulgence
  • You can try to give money to the poor everyday
  • You can help yourself be more mindful of God by praying fifty Our Fathers a day (takes less than 10 minutes!)
  • You can read some spiritual books, like The Life of Saint Francis of Assis (Google Books)
  • Yo can go to Church and keep Jesus company in the Tabernacle. No need to pray, just be there for Him - an hour is preferred, but not mandatory
  • You can curb your charity by saying please, thank you, excuse me, hello to strangers, and smiling
  • You can not eat meat on Fridays
  • You can sing a hymn, such as You Are Mine
  • You can wear your less than favorite clothes
  • You can give food to the homeless
  • You can not buy junk food during Lent
  • You can curb your sexual desires by not masturbating during Lent (my apologies if this suggestion offends you)
  • You can try to think more positive and optimisitc during Lent
  • You can donate books to libraries
  • You can give toys away to the Good Will
  • You can give money to Catholic Charities, or another charity of your choice
  • You can buy food for a homeless person
  • You can help an old lady cross the street
  • You can listen to Gregorian chant instead of other music you tend to listen to
  • You can drive less and walk more

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