Anything "WRONG" with the Knox Bible?


I think, am pretty sure, that I began a thread like this before, but I can’t seem to find it.
But Anyway . . .

What reason, if any, should I NOT order for myself the Knox Translation of the Bible?
I’m not looking for why it’s such a good translation or why you love it, but if there are
any issues that ought to be considered, EVEN SMALL, I’d like to know about them.

Please also no better alternative sug-
gestions unless it is being compared
to Knox in specific ways.


I Can’t find anything wrong with the Knox, and as your post suggests I won’t go into all the reasons I like it.


thank you!


I couldn’t figure out how to link to the post itself, so I am linking to my reply, which includes the quote of the post that mentions a few points about the Knox Bible.


I love the Knox Bible, I use mine daily, if you buy it, you won’t regret it :thumbsup:

Also its online too

God bless!


Only complaint about the Knox is its availability. It only comes in one (albeit very nice) format new, and a used copy in anything other than a standard size cloth hardback from the 50’s/60’s is annoyingly expensive. Oh, and its not available in an app for the iphone.

Of course I guess that’s the result of a high quality translation that sadly was not incredibly popular.

So yeah, that’s all the bad that I can say about it. I guess that’s why I consider it a top 3 translation. As the old Nike ads used to say… Just Do It (and get one)!


That’s a very important thing to consider, thank you.


It is said to have been Bishop Fulton Sheen’s favorite translation. He very likely knew Monsignor Knox. For those interested, there is a 1950 “student edition” on eBay now starting at 9.99.


The reason the Knox was never very popular here in the US is because it is a UK translation, done at the request of the Bishops of the UK, for use in the liturgy! I don’t think you can get a more glowing approbation than that! Here in the US, meanwhile, the Confraternity Bible was the main Bible, leading up to the NAB in 1970.

So, no, there is no reason at all to worry about the Knox Bible. :slight_smile:


I don’t have personal experience with this translation but I suppose the main potential cause for concern is that it is ultimately a translation of the Latin Vulgate rather than being based directly on texts of the original languages. Since the pontificate of Pius XII translators have been encouraged by the Vatican to translate directly from those original languages. Potentially you can get a kind of telephone effect as the Scriptures are translated from the first language to a second and then from the second to a third, though from what I’ve read the Knox translation was specifically meant to be a translation of the Vulgate in light of the original language texts.

Note that I’m not saying you should actually be wary of this translation, but you asked for any potential objections we could come up with.

Edit: I just looked online and found that it is also a somewhat looser translation, according to the philosophy of “dynamic equivalence.” This is also a potential cause for concern. This may not be the best Bible for getting as clear as possible an understanding of the original inspired texts.


The best way to experience the Knox translation, and this only applies to the New Testament unfortunately, is to read it along side his commentary. This commentary is literary based not doctrinal. So for example where the Latin may deviate from the commonly accepted original language texts Knox then sheds light on the possible reasons for deviation, will trace the deviation historically through the surviving manuscripts whether they be in the original language, the Latin or Coptic etc and site the Church Fathers when they have quoted the text and which version they quoted etc.
It would appear that at some point along with the commentary Knox’s version was a sort of Apologetic for not only the reliability but also the authenticity of the Vulgate and Knox asserts quite often that in many circumstances the Latin should be trusted and preferred over the surviving manuscripts in the original languages.
I love it. Very scholarly, Beautiful to read and most importantly very Catholic.


Wonderful vindication! :thumbsup:

I might also add that the Knox bible is particularly valued for its CLEAR translation of the Pauline Epistles. :wink:


The Knox Bible is quite good. A more difficult read than the usual translation, and not as accurate a translation as the RSV, but still an impressive work of scholarship in beautiful English.


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