Anything wrong with these affirmations?

Hello all,

I suffered with insomnia in the past. I came across a meditiation on Youtube that successfully sent me asleep within minutes. This meditation relaxes me so much, but I worry as it is not a Catholic meditation. It deals with God, but it is a universal God. God is referred to as He however. Could someone examine the affirmations and let me know? These are the affirmations in the meditation -

I believe in God
God loves and protects me
I see God’s light in every one
God’s light shines in me
I still my mind and pray
I talk easily with God
I release my concerns to his care
I ask God for what I want I ask and I receive
I pray joyfully for others
my prayers have great power
My prayers are always answered
I share my life with God
I place myself in his care
I hear and know God’s guidance
I receive flashes of insight
I trust my intuition
I listen to my inner voice
I learn my life lessons easily
I accept my divine abundance
I share my many blessings
I use my gifts and talents
I have a thankful heart
I am loved
I am filled with joy
God’s joy is within me
I am unlimited and eternal
Miracles occur in my life
I let go and let God Express through me
I let go and let God

Does this meditation look as though it is legit? I hope so it switches me off every night. Many thanks

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That seems a bit iffy to me. If this isn’t Catholic, what exactly is it? Protestant?

Sounds Protestant but I don’t think it’s “bad.”

Just a few comments.

There seem to be a lot of vertical pronouns in that list. New agey?

Some name it and claim it… I ask for what I want and I get it. Where’s the not my will but thine be done.

I am unlimited… er, that seems a bit proud and presumptious.

I trust my intuition / I listen to my inner voice. Easy to take to extreme and NOT develop a well formed conscience.


That is a beautiful testament and not to worry for God hears all voices calling to Him…You are a child of God as are we all. and He knows your heart…you are able to sleep for your soul is at peace…God bless you

Some of the affirmations are just flattery.

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There is the teaching on “christianizing” the profane. Except for the lines “I trust my intuition” and “I am unlimited and eternal” I am convinced that you can christianize it. Notwithstanding that it is not of a Catholic origin, the words can be given Catholic meaning and so used in worship and meditation.
Consider substituting “I trust my intuition” with “I trust His inspiration”. Also “I am unlimited and eternal” with “I am mortal but my soul is immortal” or “He is unlimited and eternal”.
Since it helps you sleep I will be happy if a modified version works, otherwise I hope someone else suggests a more Christian alternative to you that works.
Trust in God, He cares… He truly cares.
God bless you.

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All the lines with God and praying are fine.
I can do without the “inner voice”
And the “I am unlimited and eternal”…No, GOD is unlimited and eternal and I can accomplish all things through Him and only through Him.

Scratch those lines and it’s okay.

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The affirmations seem to me to be subliminal messages; they are part of the demonic “New Age” cult and must be rejected by Catholics. In fact, all non-Catholic meditation must be rejected due to its association with false sects, religions, and ideologies.

It is dangerous to expose yourself to the occult. Even without the possibility of demonic influence, there is still the basic psychological effect; many of the lines are simply flattery, and make meditation man-centered rather than God-centered.

Is there music played over the affirmations? If so, my thought would be that the relaxation comes from the music, not from the affirmations. Try listening to actual relaxing music to fall asleep; in my experience, it’s far more effective, and does not have these risks. Have you looked into legitimate treatments for insomnia?


An affirmation saying “I believe in God” is demonic?
I probably say that about 2-3 times a day when I pray the Creed.

That’s not what St. Pius X fan was saying I don’t think.

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The way the subliminals work is contrary to the faith. It does not matter what the affirmations say because the method in which these are transmitted is not in accordance with Catholic teaching. And with a subliminal recording, it is possible for the maker (usually a New Ager) to add addition affirmations in there that are not known to the listener. It is not possible to separate the “good” affirmations from the “bad” as they are all mixed together in one tape.

I think one needs to differentiate, as several of us are doing, between those affirmations in the list that are new-agey and self-centered, and those that actually state things about God that are both true and comforting.
This whole first section could be a psalm, or a Catholic children’s book, or a reflection written by a saint. Nothing at all wrong with it.

I believe in God
God loves and protects me
I see God’s light in every one
God’s light shines in me
I still my mind and pray
I talk easily with God
I release my concerns to his care

This is my go to prayer:

Father Son Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother Mary, All Holy Saints and Angels PLEASE surround and protect me from satan and all his evil ways now and always.

@Lookingforanswers1 why don’t you pray the rosary or read the bible gospels or the psalms instead. try it.

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Just lay diwn and read the books of Chronicles; it will help you sleep.

There are a lot of Bible books one can say that about…and I do doze off in the middle of reading them, sad to say.

Reading Kings right now which is action-packed and keeps me more awake though

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