AOC Gets Philosophical at SXSW: Like, You Know, Like, Whatever, You Know?

AOC is a big pro-choicer, has praised Jeremy Corby. Yes, she appears to be a carrier for a socialist message. She and Omar also, are very much under question now, for not criticizing the brutal regime in Caracas. I’ve no idea whether the source in the OP is a valid one.

A lot of these are very common verbal mannerisms for young people. I’ve met younger academics who use the term “like” a lot. It’s certainly easier to see why AOC talks like this than why a figure like Trump would talk as he does in presumably scripted speeches.


I agree regarding AOC. In some ways, it is a failure of schools to teach the difference between formal and informal speech, and the necessity of using formal speech in the common culture.
As for Trump, I’ve not noticed any egregious grammatical or speech issues, though I’m sure there are.

It reinforces her immaturity and unsuitability for the job of congressperson, in my humble opinion.


The schools can teach things all day long, it doesn’t mean the pupils will listen or follow their orders.

The best way to get people to speak proper English is probably to get them to read more, as written English is more conservative and rule-bound than spoken English. Unfortunately as we know it seems people are reading less and less.

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or to hold them accountable when they speak improperly.

I’m around kids a lot and it seems to me they are held accountable almost constantly by their parents and other adults and it doesn’t make any difference.

I don’t know. My personal feel is that listening to music is probably the worst way to learn English grammar. We need those nuns again to correct our rhetoric. :slight_smile:

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@ProVobis listening to music? I sense this is a joke but I don’t get it.

No joke. Phrases like “between you and I” are used to make rhymes work. There are plenty of other examples.

I’m old enough such that there are people that are my coworkers that were still in diapers when I started my career. There are very much differences in our patterns of speech that I see as being generational. One of them is the upward inflection at the end of a sentence. When I first encountered this it was confusing. The upward inflection has for me been the equivalent of a question mark at the end of a written sentence or a signal for a statement for which there is low confidence. It took me a while to get used to it.

When there’s a client present and these same coworkers are communicating with them the upward inflection disappears for most of them. Though there are a few for which it is always present.

As someone who taught for decades, I agree.

And as a tutor of several young children in reading I agree.

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AOC is an actress who answered a casting call and got the part. She’s a meat puppet controlled by her committee and Cenk Uger from The Young Turks. AOC is as fake as plastic snow.

I can’t stand her identity politics, her economics, her philosophy of governance, but this is an accusation as unproven as the leftist accusation that Trump is controlled by Limbaugh and Hannity.

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