AP Backtracks On Claims Disparaging Catholic Church


I’m glad this was publicized, but is there seriously no way the Church could get reparations for the defamation? I’m not looking to exact revenge; I just want other news companies to be discouraged in the future from posting disparaging comments about the Church without doing any fact-checking.

Don’t count on it. They are more likely to sue the Church for ruining a good story. Creative writers always get paid more than people who just report facts.

Just for the record, this was regarding the two AP stories earlier this month which claimed the Catholic Irish orphanage and unwed mother’s home dumped the bodies of infants, unbaptized, into a septic tank.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing about the original stories for a long time to come. The retraction admitting that the children WERE baptized, and that they have no evidence bodies were stored in a septic tank, will receive a much less widespread publication.

Here is the official AP “correction” itself:

Yeah, we still have people running a thread here in CAF praying for the babies in the septic tank. Not much chance of getting an apology for that either. :rolleyes:

I’d love to see the Church sue for defamation and libel. It’s about time.

Here are some articles from the first half of June.

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I think I read about this yesterday or possibly earlier today. It is definitely good news.

The Associated Press has issued an apology for its inaccurate reporting on the fate of the Tuam babies – 796 children at a home in Ireland who were reportedly “dumped” in a septic tank after they died (an accusation that I, along with several Catholic bloggers, called into question). They were, said some commentators, victims of Church doctrine. The AP’s apology now suggests otherwise:

In stories published June 3 and June 8 about young children buried in unmarked graves after dying at a former Irish orphanage for the children of unwed mothers, The Associated Press incorrectly reported that the children had not received Roman Catholic baptisms; documents show that many children at the orphanage were baptized. The AP also incorrectly reported that Catholic teaching at the time was to deny baptism and Christian burial to the children of unwed mothers; although that may have occurred in practice at times it was not church teaching. In addition, in the June 3 story, the AP quoted a researcher who said she believed that most of the remains of children who died there were interred in a disused septic tank; the researcher has since clarified that without excavation and forensic analysis it is impossible to know how many sets of remains the tank contains, if any. The June 3 story also contained an incorrect reference to the year that the orphanage opened; it was 1925, not 1926.

Read more blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/timstanley/100277164/associated-press-apologises-for-its-incorrect-reporting-of-the-tuam-babies-scandal/

Too little, too late. The damage has been done to the Church and the reputation of the sisters at the convent. :mad:

Shame on the press for not fact checking.

I knew from the beginning this was another vicious attack on the Church.

They never say anything nice about it, yet falsely accuse it.

I wonder why they don’t mention how Catholic Charities are far the largest in the world.

I wonder why they don’t mention the vast number of convents who are out in the slums helping the sick and the poor.

And I understand it wasn’t even a septic tank but a kind of burial not used in Ireland any more, but is in other parts of the world.That also could have been realized if any fact checking at all had been done.

796 babies over 36 years. That’s an average of 22 a year, or one every 2.5 weeks, although I’m sure there were weeks when several died of a contagious disease followed by months when none died.

Causes of death varied: tuberculosis, convulsions, measles, whooping cough, influenza, bronchitis and meningitis, among other illnesses. Notably absent from the causes of death: starvation, abuse, injury.

If this story had been about a secular society, someone would probably be threatening to sue the reporter for defamation.

The Church will forgive, as should we. No need to sue or to seek revenge.

LOVE! :heart:


I’m afraid it did happen.

Was there any wrongdoing? That’s the question.

When this retraction was on Yahoo News, you think that would have ended the topic. But nooo, you should read the comments: “I don’t care! Those nuns are murderers!” “They’re still guilty, I don’t care what anyone says!” “The Catholic Church must have paid AP off!”
Once Pandora’s box is open, it’s hard to close it. It just shows how much hate there is against the Church. I wouldn’t be surprised if Catholics start getting shot at. The hate is rampant.

“If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you.”

We are only responsible to Christ, not this world that is evermore falling into the abyss of sin.

“What” did happen?


The AP still has not retracted the main lie of this story - that the remains of 800 children were discovered in a septic tank or mass grave - and the main slanderous implication - that the nuns neglected the children. The only thing that the historian Catherine Corless found are the death records of 796 children. She did not discover any remains of the children. And she denied that she ever said that the children were dumped in a septic tank. The AP shifts the responsibility for that claim onto the historian by saying that she initially made that claim,but she did not. So they are still lying about this story.


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