AP Calls the Election

Slightly premature in my view, but there it is.

It’s true no matter whether he wins Nevada and Arizona or Pennsylvania or AZ and Georgia.

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Now that the dam has broken, the other news organizations are also calling it.

Yeah, even Fox News. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Oval Office.

He’s out golfing. It’s a beautiful day here.


Finally! Now let’s focus on things that matter.

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Perhaps he and Hilary could sit, have tea over it, and swap stories.


Now that would be a sight to behold. Trump and Hilary as
kindred spirits.

Still, one of the highest popular vote totals of all time.


Excuse me, I missed the official announcement, this goes on.


He lost with the second highest vote totals of all time. He won last time with a minority of votes and was president for four years. He may be a loser, but he is one of the most successful losers of all time. He should not be ashamed of this loss.


It isn’t over.

The media are not the “official” deciders; they are just pretending they are. They’re gaslighting Trump and his supporters to give up now so the Democrats are not forced to actually defeat him in the courts. They don’t want to have to do that because then the possibility exists that they might lose and that can’t be allowed to happen. Better to make Trump give up now because they’ll be bloodied badly even if they still win anyway.

Al Gore took 37 days before he conceded following the 2000 election and that was over just one state’s count. So it is definitely not unprecedented in recent times for Trump to keep holding out for at least a few more weeks. After all, it’s only been four days since the election yet the media is screaming for him to give up now. This year we will likely have two and possibly three recounts. WI, NC, GA. None of which have been officially called no matter what Biden and the media says. Nor has AZ. Maybe there’s a recount there too. Not to mention PA is in hot water with the US Supreme Court.

So watch the media lose their **** as time goes on and the Democrats actually have to fight this out.

The biggest casualty of all this is that the final result will not be accepted by nearly half the adult population no matter what. The Democrats will say the Republicans stole the election via the courts while the Republicans will say the Democrats stole the election via the cheating. Which half has yet to be determined with finality as of today no matter what anyone here thinks. But neither administration will have much credibility with half the population.

On the bright side, a Biden administration with a McConnell-led Senate and a wafer-thin House majority is not going to get that much done. In other words, some voters wanted Trump gone, but they were also afraid of the progressives so they voted Republican down ticket to act as a check on the progressives. I can accept that outcome come January if that’s how it shakes out.


How can it not be over if Biden won PA?

Yes, like getting Mike Pence ready for 2024 :us:

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The Democrats don’t fight anything out. The Republicans are fighting the Governors and Secretaries of State, sometimes Republicans themselves.

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Oh, good grief. When the networks called 2016 for Trump, were they “gaslighting Clinton and her supporters”? No, they were not. They were doing what the networks do at every election. Nobody’s picking on Trump supporters.


Big difference with 2016. Clinton didn’t allege electoral fraud took place that favored Trump; she only complained about having more popular votes but still losing in the Electoral College. None of the states were that close then.

This time Trump got 5m more votes but Biden got 6m more and there are serious allegations of electoral fraud this time around. If the allegations are for nought, then no one should have a problem making the Democrats prove it in the courts. It’s not for nothing they hired all those lawyers months ago, it’s like they knew this was going to happen.



There are no serious allegations of fraud. Just spaghetti being thrown against the wall hoping something sticks.


Then why the objection to letting the Democrats make a fool out of Trump in the courts?



Anyone with a filing fee can initiate a lawsuit. I don’t care about that.

This is just a bad look for America. Trump has been telling his supporters that the election was going to be stolen from them (him) and now he’s lost and he’s just blustering on about all sorts of non-things. Biden is going to have 306 electoral votes, so, frankly, you’d have to undo a whole heck of a lot of votes for Trump to emerge victorious.

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