AP: Cardinal (Sarah) tries to disavow petition that raises conspiracies about coronavirus lockdowns

Moderators, if this does not belong here or anywhere else in the forum, feel free to delete it please. It is an AP story that apparently today came out and the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) posted it on their website. This sounds like one of those stories that might not be true or at least, is up to the interpretation of the journalist.

Petition frames lockdowns as an assault on religious liberty

The Associated Press · Posted: May 08, 2020

A petition signed by some conservative Catholics claiming the coronavirus is an over-hyped “pretext” to deprive the faithful of Mass and impose a new world order has run into a bit of a hitch.

The highest-ranking signatory, Cardinal Robert Sarah, head of the Vatican’s liturgy office, claims he never signed the petition. But the archbishop who spearheaded it said Friday that Sarah was in fact fully on board, and said he has the recorded phone conversations to prove it.

The virus petition, signed mostly by Italian clergy, academics and journalists, is the latest initiative by conservative believers from a variety of faiths to frame COVID-19 lockdowns as an assault on religious liberty, a threat to the global economy and a conspiracy to separate families.

It’s interesting. I don’t really buy much of a conspiratorial view on the virus. And Italy got hit so hard with the virus, losing clergy as well, it’s very sad.

I do respect others’ views on this matter though. However they wish to see this.

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