AP EXCLUSIVE: Damning study finds a ‘whitewashed’ Hollywood




I never saw Hollywood as racist or whitewashed until I went out to see a movie with a friend who’s black. We were watching some action movie and there’s a beginning scene featuring a black actor. My buddy told me, “watch this mother father n…! He gonna get shot.” I asked him why was that. He said black people always are the first one to die in the movie unless you’re Denzel Washington or Samual Jackson. Low and hold, that black character indeed got shot and died within the first 10 minutes of the movie.



There are so many successful African American athletes and singers/performers/musicians I never thought they were underrepresented in the arts.


I was watching a show shortly after the Oscars where announced. They were discussing the lack of black actors being nominated. Seth McFarland said that the reason was money. He explained that movies are now made to appeal to a world market, namely China. He said the Chinese don’t like black actors and were less likely to go to a movie that starred them. I never thought about that, but it makes sense. It’s all about money. European and ASian markets are huge.


I’m sure that’s because only one protagonist is supposed to survive at the end of most action movies. By statistics, there are more white people than black people. The conclusion is obvious.


“Underrepresented” is the key word here. Are they under-represented in proportion to the consumer base? No, and the figures presented in the article are incorrect. According to the latest estimates from the census bureau, racial minorities constitute 22.6% of the population. The fact that they represent 28.3% of characters with dialogue in film and television is actually proof of over-representation there. There are some interesting disparities in terms of the fields that actually make the sausage, but no real evidence that it is the result of any racial issues.


…and the black portion of US minorities is only about 15% of the population.



I would also say that I have seen a noticeable increase in black actors on television shows and commercials. I know that is not Hollywood, but they seem to have a very strong presence on the tv as well.


just a comment:

I believe this is somewhat true, what is asserted in article posted by OP. However, the black actors that have starred in films are par excellence , perhaps more than many peers.
Think Sidney Poitier who always choose to star in outstanding roles. Morgan Freeman, Denzel, ohmygosh so many.


I am not really shocked at this finding.

There are award shows exclusively for African Americans as there are for Latinos.


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