AP source: Rudy Giuliani the favorite to be Trump's secretary of state



I like Rudy, but this seems like a strange position for him. There were assumptions that he would get either the Attorney General or Homeland Security position.


I’m happy for him. I always thought he deserved to play a more prominent role in our national politics than just a talking head on television.


Seems very odd to put a man with nothing in the way of foreign policy experience in charge of the State Department. I mean a domestic position wouldn’t surprise me, but Secretary of State :confused:


I must admit, I am very surprised at this mooted decision.

This means that Rudy Giuliani will now be the face of America to the world?


Given the international prominence of New York City, I would think a former mayor of that city would be uniquely qualified to be Secretary of State, even though I would agree that AG seems like a more obvious choice.


I agree


He’s carried a lot of baggage himself, being accused of coverups and such surrounding the events of 9/11. (He was the mayor of New York at the time.)

But I’m sure he too has a lot of supporters.


Um, what?


Homeland security seems like a much better fit for him.


It would seem that either Attorney General or Director of Homeland Security would be more in line with his expertise.


It’s a good position for him better that he not be a face inside America if President Trumps wants to unite the country.


I was hoping for John Bolton, but I suppose I can live with Giuliani. :blush:


He has said that he does not want either of those positions.


I think Guiliani as AG or HS would lead to too much surveillance on American citizens. Think stop and frisk on a federal level.

SoS would not be a good fit, but he seems to want it for whatever reason, and President Trump owes him a shot. He’d be better than Bolton.


I was expecting a domestic position as Rudy was out there standing by Trump’s side the whole way. But I agree.


Interesting he doesn’t want AG after all the talk of crooked Hillary or homeland security after having been NYC mayor at the time in 911.


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