AP source: Threatening letter sent to Trump son's home


Threatening letter with white powder sent to apartment of Donald Trump’s son, Eric, law enforcement official says: apne.ws/1RSWwaj


If you don’t like their message, kill them… what are we coming to? What happened to majority rules? We used to be taught that in school. Now it’s biggest squeak gets the oil… democracy–rule for the people, by the people…


And trump supporters have to endure all this talk that we are racists.

I hope they catch this guy and find out who he supports.


Two wrongs never make a right. This is completely unacceptable.


I think there must be a full moon, all the crazies are out.


No kidding. I just saw a video on facebook where some guy ran over a Trump sign with his Jeep. All the comments and reposts were all thanking him and saying how awesome he was. His own post was him saying how happy he was to have a Jeep so he could do it.

Can you imagine a Trump supporter doing that? Or a Cruz supporter? Or any Republican, doing that to a sign supporting Sanders or Hilary?

The double-standard blinders in this election are staggering…


:okpeople: Knock it off people!

We’re tolerant of everybody (who agrees with us).



Very nice stations of the cross! :slight_smile:


Well said.


Not to get off topic, but that’s something I’ve been telling people too, or at least trying to tell people. :frowning:


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