Apartments that won't rent to anyone with children

It happened to my mom when I was a kid and we lived in San Francisco, and it still happens a lot all over the United States despite being against the law.

No children need apply

NO KIDS read the sign on the front door of the apartment building in San Francisco’s Sunset district. Photographed last summer by investigators for the city’s consumer-fraud unit, the sign has just cost the landlords a $4,000 fine. The penalty, agreed to by court-approved settlement, was the first under a three-year-old San Francisco law prohibiting apartment owners from refusing to rent to families with children.

The law is a response to a growing U.S. phenomenon that American families find more and more intolerable. As the single-family house becomes a…

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NO KIDS means no social security either. No kids means no end to federal debt. No kids means no economic growth. No kids means economic stagnation. No kids means no joy.

**Families Flee San Francisco: City Has Lowest Percentage Of Kids Of Any Major U.S. City
According to statistics presented to a special hearing of the Board of Supervisors on Thursday, San Francisco has the lowest percentage of children of any major city in the country. Only 13.4 percent of the city’s approximately 800,000 residents are under the age of 18.

The number of kids in San Francisco has gradually declined since the 1960s, when they made up a full quarter of the population.

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This is outrageous. How dare the government pass legislation which regulates private citizens from using their own property in a manner that they deem is best.

There are a lot of apartments that only rent to seniors. How is that not illegal?

If owners have the right to not rent to gays, they have the right to not rent to families with children.

Gays are a protected group and cannot be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. I don’t think that families with children are part of a protected group.

Sooo… Gays cannot be refused, but families with children can be refused - Except in localities where legislation is enacted that provides protection.

As far as Social Security, you’re right - like any pyramid scheme, it will collapse without new “investors” to pay off the earlier ones. And that’s just fine with me - people should fund their own retirement.

Not true on any count. Gays are not a federally protected class when it comes to housing (yet), there are plans for HUD to add them in 2013.

But familial status is protected. You cannot ban kids unless you are a dedicated senior community with special privileges or you have fewer than 4 units and you live in one. Heck, it is even illegal to ask a prospective renter if they have kids.

For more information research federal Fair Housing laws.

Really? Live and learn.

I used to live in a singles apartment complex. It was the 80’s. I suppose those don’t exist anymore???

Since when is not renting to families with children against the law? I don’t know anywhere in the US that such a law would hold up in the courts. Such a law would violate the freedom of commerce clauses in the Constitution.

Look up federal Fair Housing laws. You would be surprised what is illegal.

That link goes over some federal basics, and mentions some California state specifics. But note that it does make it clear that familial status is protected, and in the list of definitions it goes over what that means.

More information from HUD.

And for an above poster familial status was added in 1988.

They have to get planning permission to build right? And have to build according to code right? And pay taxes on it right? And have inspections? And there’s laws governing the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants too. Sounds pretty much like the legitimate role of local government, otherwise people would put up fire traps, charge exorbitant rents and refuse to rent to Catholics, Immigrants etc etc etc. Like they did.

“No joy?”:confused:

I’m sure priests, monks, etc, and some of us who are leading single celibate lives within Holy Mother Church would disagree with you.

Just saying. :thumbsup:

Refusing to rent based on having children has been common since the 1960’s (I believe it’s not a coincidence that this corresponds with the hedonist “sexual revolution” and the emergence of the “gay” subculture and porn). So if they have the right to not rent to families with children then they have a right to not rent to “gays”.

Newsflash: they don’t.

:flowers: No kids=no joy? I guess I’ve had no joy (no kids) in my life, that is you don’t count the four-footed kids. :bigyikes::wave:

It happened to us too when I was a kid. I was always told it was because kids break things, and make a lot of noise. And they do…so it’s kind of understandible. Still, it’s kind of stupid for someone to tell a potential tenant that they won’t rent to them because they have kids. They can just call them back and tell them that they committed to another party. End of story.

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