APNewsBreak: Mormons perform baptisms on Holocaust victims

SALT LAKE CITY – Mormons are posthumously baptizing Holocaust victims as well as grandparents of public figures like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Steven Spielberg, despite church rules intended to restrict the ceremonies to a member's ancestors, according to a researcher who has spent two decades monitoring the church's massive genealogical database.

The discoveries made by former Mormon Helen Radkey and shared with The Associated Press likely will bring new scrutiny to a deeply misunderstood practice that has become a sensitive issue for the church. The church, in a statement, acknowledged the ceremonies violated its policy and said they would be invalidated, while also noting its created safeguards in recent years to improve compliance.

Proxy baptisms are tied to a core church teaching that families spend eternity together, but the baptisms do not automatically convert dead people to Mormonism. Under church teachings, the rituals provide the deceased a choice in the afterlife to accept or reject the offer of baptism.


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Mormons typically don’t care what non-Mormons think about their “religious” practices.

Everyone, please put in your Will that you Do Not Wish to be baptized Mormon when you die.

I doubt the folks who are doing this will have access to your will.

I’m now desperately afraid of being transformed into a Mormon when I die.

It’s not the baptism that Christ instituted. It does absolutely nothing except perhaps give the ones doing it a little tickle in their tummy for being such good boys.

This has been a controversy for years. It just keeps being brought up again as if it’s new news. As a former Mormon, let me explain that this does not make the “baptized” person a Mormon in the eyes of the LDS or anyone else. They believe that the dead person has to accept the baptism and other rites while in Spirit Paradise.

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This exact same story seems to pop up every 5-10 years, as if it’s a revelation.

Although I have nothing positive to say about the baptism of the dead, i am grateful for all the work done by the LDS on curating genealogical records.


Don’t let some possible ceremony in the future worry you. You are what you truly believe, not what some ceremony done without your consent claims for you.

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