Yes! Definitely a “Go see!”. Plot is great too: will the girl give birth to the baby?


Rolltide has already given a very good analysis and review of this movie over on Popular Media.


I can’t stand Mel Gibson.
I didn’t like him before his anti Jewish comments and his sugar (you know what) comments and I like him even less now.

No thank you.


my opinion of Mel Gibson movies remain what it has been both before and after the Passion of the Christ, they are too violent, filled with gratuitious violence to a very disturbing degree and not something I care to welcome into my mind at this stage of my life.


I haven’t seen it yet (thus the NO vote), but plan on it.


Your bias about him making a pro KKK movie is laughable. :rolleyes:




Possibly because the KKK hates Catholics about as much as it hates blacks?


No, there are Catholics in the KKK.
Sad but true.


Dear Karianne,

Every interview I have seen of Mel Gibson has always shown him to be in the right, he never gave anti-Jewish comments; additionally, he has stated, and I believe in his life, too, made it clear that he has no support to give either prejudiced views,

You are of course welcome to dislike him, but your views of him are simply wrong.

Most sincerely,



Dear Puzzleannie,

I am not familiar with your specific stage in your life, but I can see your point that the movies he has directed, and been in, are very violent; though, I could hardly say, they are too violent, and certainly in my opinion they are far from gratuitous: his movies are from what I have seen, historically accurate, and the violence intensely realistic for the periods of history, and the accounts provided by such persons as Cortez, and Viet Nam vets. etc., which represent those periods of history he has depicted in his movies, in particular the life of Jesus during the Passion.

I cannot blame you for your opinion. I do; however, think you, and some other people miss not only the reality of sufferings endured by others across history, but also the beauty of life seen by those who have suffered, which I find elucid in Mel Gibson’s movies.

Most sincerely,



The Movie is under discussion here. Since discussion appears to be more fruitful than a “saw it/didn’t see it” poll, I suggest folks take the discussion there.

This thread is closed. Thanks to all who participated.

Joe Monahan

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