where can I buy a good copy of these, possibly with Catholic commentary?

If you mean the Deuterocanonicals then the Haydock Bible is a very good choice. haydock1859.tripod.com/id330.html

i 2nd that.

I would recommend highly the Navarre Bible volumes put out by Scepter. Very helpful modern commentary, which notes the Church’s teachings and writings of Popes, Councils, and Saints.

do you know if anyone find the Navarre Bible volumes online. Not too terrible familiar with it, but I know it very good.

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Book Titles like: PARALIPOMENON, OSEE, 2 ESDRAS…but you’re right, it is a great commentary…and you can never go wrong with the Douay Rheims translation! :thumbsup:

If you goto the Scepter site and click on each volume, there is a preview link which will show you some of the pages:

true, but the Navarre is supposed to be good as well and I am hoping this commentary included in the Navarre has stuff on Vatican II which every Catholic needs to know. That is what the Haydock is missing as well as great synods like the one in 1990.

Yes, it does reference Vatican II and insights from recent Popes too!

That is great to know. We’ve had a few popes since the Haydock Bible Commentary was released and 2 Ecumenical Councils.If I could have the Navarre and the Haydock for comparison that would be so awesome. Both would be an asset in learning the faith. I made a point 4 years ago to learn the Duetrocanonicals

I am refering to the Gospel of Mary, ect.

These are gnostic and should be taken lightly. I don’t know that there is anything with commentary on them.

What book has the most complete collection? The gnostic gospels are also referred to as apocrypha, correct?

not necessarily. The books of Enoch, the Prayer of Mennesias (sp?) and Psalm 151 can be called apocrypha. The Gospel of Mary, THomas, Judas etc. I don’t think have any baring in Catholicism. I could be wrong

You might be able to find a commentary or something at the Westar Institute (Jesus Seminar). But since neither the Gospel of Mary or the Westar Institute falls under the pale of orthodoxy, why bother?

But follow the link below. It mind be informative. But I don’t think it’s from a Catholic perspective.


Most texts are available online, such as earlychristianwritings.com/index.html

Thank you.

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