Apocryphas - reasons for their rejection?


Is there any site where I can look up the reasons why particular apocryphal writings were rejected as non-canonical? Do you know any? Thx


You mean those books like the Gospel of Thomas, and other Gnostic Gospels?


Such as those in Decretum Gelasianum :slight_smile: I don’t want all just for all the some interesting ones such as those you mentioned (I know reasons for those), Protoevangelium of James, 1 Clement etc.

There are good reasons given for some but not specifically for those mentioned above. I tried wikipedia but not much detail about this. I’ll make a research into it yet, but I’m asking ahead of time of you don’t know of any site dealing with this. Thank you.


Hi Zemi,

The Church did not especially proceed by rejection. It recognized the Scriptures it had received as inspired from apostolic sources. See




Thanks, Verbum,

I haven’t read that article on Newadvent yet. I’ll look at it.

thx :wink:


try the book
where we got the bible
by rev. henry g. graham


It is I fear not very accesible to me :wink: :slight_smile:


it is available at the CA shop

hopefully that is accessible to you :smiley:


I read about a year ago that the Church decided on what was Canon and what was not based on several criteria:

  1. Was it written by an apostolic authority
  2. Was it a part of the early liturgical prayer
  3. Was it consistent with Church teaching
  4. Did it contain any heresies


You know it’s interesting that the books of wisdom, sirach, etc. that protestants throw out was quoted numerous times by the early church the very ones who canonized the bible with the apocrypha in it. I also would like to know why some reformers tossed out these books that were originally canonized and quoted over and over again by the early church.


Mark Shea has a great article about that here.





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