Apologetic Blogging

I’ve started up a personal blog, where I will be posting articles on Catholic Apologetics.
I’ve tried vlogging but I don’t think its for me, I feel more comfortable with blogging.

The website is wmichael.x10.mx

Could I get some suggestions on how I could improve the website.

Feedback appreciated.

God Bless

  1. Establish the habit of posting something substantial and thought-out every month or so for a year, and then worry about improving the blog.

  2. Regularly check other apologetic blogs to see if you can find a niche that other blogs haven’t been beating to death already.

First I want to thank you for creating an apologetics blog. We need more of those.

Here is a suggestion: White text against black background is very hard on the eyes. I would use black against a white background.

I’m no apologist but from my own experience in blogging, I suggest you don’t neglect your keywords. Looking at your titles, I suggest a bit more capitalization. Change some of your commas into periods too.

If you’re quoting, try linking your sources (Bible included). My company’s resident SEO expert says links help (especially when they’re anchored to your keywords). I see you got your social media buttons covered but don’t forget that search engines can also be your friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello fellow blogger! I just started by blog: www.timeonthemountaintop.blogspot.com
You have to post regulary. So important - if you fail once in a while, totally ok, but make sure you are gettting new and regular stuff up there.

Once you get a good amount of posts on there, contact bigpulpit and newadvent and ask them to put some of your blog articles in rotation.

And if you have a post relevant to some posts/threads on here, post it! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to reading all about your blog in the future.

God bless you and your blog! :slight_smile:

Chloe M.

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