Apologetic Media Alternatives to Catholic Answers Live


I started listening to Catholic Answers Live about three years ago. It has proved a quite valuable resource in answering questions I’ve had about the Catholic faith specifically, and more generally the Apostolic faith. I feel that my understanding has matured quite a bit to a level that surpasses what I can usually get out of Catholic Answers Live now. When I listen today I find myself fast-forwarding through large segments of the show since many of the questions have been asked and answered numerous times before.

Are there any call-in shows, or Catholic podcasts that delve into more meatier doctrines of the faith, or in any way treat apologetic material in a more scholastically rigorous fashion? This isn’t meant in any way to disparage CAL. To the contrary, I wouldn’t even be in this position of asking for more rigorous alternatives if I hadn’t listened to three years worth of CAL! I just feel it’s time for me to look for a little more.

Thank you all in advance for your recommendations.

Jimmy Akin has his own podcast where he dives in pretty deep on certain topics. I don’t think it’s live but I know he takes calls. I like it because he’s able to devote more time to individual questions then he can on CAL. That might be a good one for you to check out. :thumbsup:

Try EWTN Open Line with John Martignoni EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network ewtn.com/radio/weekday/ewtnopenline.asp

Might I suggest the Institute of Catholic Culture.org. in depth analysis on a variety of subjects pertaining to the Catholic faith.

Have you tried the EWTN Open Line program?

Do you have specific examples of what you’re looking for?

Have you listened to the Al Kresta program? When he hosts someone to talk about an apologetics issue, you can always expect a rigorous treatment. I think he should do that more often. The Al Kresta show typically discusses daily news, though, and is sort of like a Catholic alternative to Rush Limbaugh.

One thing you could do is search the Al Kresta podcast archives for any apologetics issues you might want to know more about.

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