Apologetics and the Jehovah Witness at you door.


I like a lot of you have had may a talk with the JW who come knocking at the door. There are a few things I have lured that I would like to share with you.

  1. Thay are schooled to think like a train on a railroad track in regareds to their faith. Threw the wachtower mag and “church” servaces thay are all tought to think alike. PS anyone who has ever been to a “church” servaces by a JW will never again call ANY mass booring. :wink: To get them to think for yourself you need to derail that train of thought.

  2. Thay will gladly give you a copy of the New world translation of the Bible. ( Trash but the only bible thay are tought to trust. ) As well as the JW aplogetics book Resaning fron the Scriptures.( sorry about my poor spelling :frowning: ) Read how thay are tought to think. In time you will get to see how thay think ,and be ready for how thay will react. JWs are VERY vonerbal to Catholic truths. :thumbsup:

  3. Never forget thses are good people serving God to the best thay know how. Treat them with all the love and kindness you can.

  4. JW are scared to death about being disfellowshiped. Thas could hapen any number of ways to them. Ask one one time about the subject. To the JW to lose ones fath is not only to regect God. You lose you famly and you friends as well. Your friends will have NOTHING to due with you. Your spouse is encuraged to devorse you. Your own famly will have little to due with you If anything at all…

Hope this helps. Much love,


I like # 3 the best!

Never forget they are serving God to they best they know how. Treat them with all the love and kindness you can.:love:


We have friends/aquaint who are JW. For a long time I knew them only to say hi when our paths met and my wife occasionally worked with her teaching dance and my children have taken dance with her for so long. Just recently we finally got together for dinner @ their house. Having opened my door to JW before, I was nervous and my sense of nervousness was actually intensified because I had never heard boo from them re. JW theology or even God. My worries, atleast for that night were needless as we had a wonderful meal begun with a grace I did not have to explain to my kids later. Religion did come up and I did see that he was prepared but it wasn’t as rabid as I had thought it would be. My wife and I are still interested in evangelizing them though we’ll need to research more.

God bless,


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